Analyst: Apple’s growth engine firing on all cylinders – with two more to be added in early 2007

“Apple’s growth engine, which previously depended almost entirely on the company’s enormously successful iPod digital media player, has added another ‘cylinder’ with the advent of surging Mac sales backed by ‘switchers’ — consumers exposed to Macs via the iPod,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “That growth engine is set to add two additional cylinders in early 2007, however, with Apple’s rumored launch of its ‘iPhone’ mobile handset alongside the iTV [code name] media device. Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster believes that a significant addressable market remains for Apple in its iPod business, and that its iPhone and iTV will add new addressable markets within the next six months.”

“Munster says the iPhone and iTV could collectively add 15 percent to Wall Street’s calendar year 2007 revenue,” MacNN reports.

Full article with quotes analysts quotes here.

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  1. Munster gets it, but I think he missed another category. The coming “real video iPod” will be yet another cylinder in Apple’s engine. Yes, I know it has the name “iPod”, but it will be an integrating and networking mobile device that will start a revolution on its own. It will be an iPod to be sure, but also a wirelessly – Bluetooth – connected mobile phone – in addition to the smaller iPhone models – by acting as a front end to a nearby mobile phone of all popular BT enabled cell phones. It will have GPS capabilities, whether native or through BT to a BT enabled GPS. It will be a game machine, again using its wireless capabilities. It will be a digital camera. And it will be enabled by a slimmed down OS X derived OS with a fully supported SDK on the Macintosh. It will not have all of these features on introduction, but the virtual screen based programmable interface will enable software upgrades to expand its functionality. Nobody but Apple has the skills, particularly the software skills, to pull this off.
    How do we know that this is in the works? Just look at the patents that have been reported on in the Mac web sites, including MDN. Apple is well on the way to taking a dominant position in the consumer electronics market. And the Macintosh is at the creative core – “The Apple Core”.

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