Forbes: Apple Computer under Steve Jobs does the remarkable again, and again, and again

“The best piece of management advice I’ve ever heard came from a boss who said his job was to set the bar for performance incredibly high and cheer like crazy for his employees to clear it,” Elizabeth Corcoran writes for Forbes.

“Every great company starts with some phenomenal product. The hard part is doing it again, and again, and again,” Corcoran writes.

Corcoran writes, “What has been most remarkable about Apple Computer under the steely scrutiny of Steve Jobs is the number of genuinely big hits the company has rolled out. It certainly has not invented everything it sells. But because we’ve seen Apple with Jobs and without, the company is almost a laboratory experiment of the role of top management in turning an idea into a ‘perfect’ thing.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. the company is almost a laboratory experiment of the role of top management in turning an idea into a ‘perfect’ thing

    It’s written for a bizmag, you see, that’s why it says “top management” when it really should say something else.

  2. Macca: Brilliant! Your single piece of anecdotal evidence refutes the entire argument about a universally-acception interpretation of a business phenomenon that’s been going on for nearly a decade.

    Your sarcasm would be well-placed if I were the only one with this problem. However, many MBP owners have run into serious wireless issues involving the constant dropping of WiFi signals.

    And as I said, it’s not the router or my ISP. I have a three-year-old iBook in the same room as my MacBook, and it surfs without the slightest problem.

    By the way, it’s likely a software issue. Several MBP owners with this problem have said that their machines surf fine wirelessly when booted up into Windows. Now that’s embarrassing.

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