Apple’s ‘iPod Halo Effect’ in action

“I’ve gone from being an iPod-hater to a full-fledged believer,” Scott Sternberg writes for The Washington Post.

“When Steve Jobs launched his first-generation iPod, I was still in high school. I didn’t buy into the hype early; I already had a PC-based MP3 player that was marginally functional. The hip advertisements didn’t faze me and I knew iPods had problems with batteries,” Sternberg writes. “But in college, I was baptized by the Mac. Apple sold me on two things none of my previous audio devices could give me: cool and easy.”

Sternberg writes, “The iPod completes my conversion to Mac in general — even though I held on to my PC beliefs long after my friends had switched over. ITunes is so functional, whether for managing songs or listening to friends’ music. It’s simple, seamless integration. And maybe that makes me less hard-core — a sellout who bought into the marketing and joined the bandwagon. It’s not because I can’t figure out computers — it’s just easier. I may never buy another PC again.”

Sternberg writes, “The critics have launched their salvos, but five years later, the success of the iPod single-handedly has shown us there are other options beyond bug-ridden Windows-based PCs and the bulky music players that once dominated the market. You also can’t beat Apple’s unyielding service and support. Comparatively, the price can be hefty, but this iPod generation has learned that you get what you pay for. Jobs, of course, already knows this: I certainly will come back for more.”

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  1. Wow, a testimonial from a former Windoze PC user who finally ‘got it’.

    Nice to see…

    Welcome, Mr. Sternberg.

    MW ‘show’. As in, ‘Show someone an easier, simpler, more convenient, less stressful, more secure, and much cooler way of computing and they just may see the light.’

  2. Frank –

    I am currently available for adoption. I promise to keep my room clean, let Aunt Millie kiss me through her mustache, and clean up after the dog. Also, as I am 40, I can also make beer runs. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Hi,

    Can someone answer what may be a very dumb question – when did Apple release a white 80 Gb iPod? I thought the 80 Gb came only in Black. I first saw the white 80 Gb today at Target. Was it launched with the 80 Gb black model and I just missed it / forgot about it?

    I’m glad to see Apple is sticking with the classic white iPods at the upper end. (Yes I know this is NOT true with the Nano – at least not yet.)

    Thanks for your response.


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