17 Apple Mac apps that make switching from Windows easy and worth it

“So I made the switch. It’s been a little over a month since I got got my Macbook Pro, and I’m loving it. I’d been using Windows for my entire life before that, so needless to say, I was a little worried about making the switch over. However, I’ve found that there are plenty of Mac apps out there that make switching over very easy, and have ended up making my life easier. Here’s a list of my favorites,” Pixelspread.com writes.

Pixelspread’s list:
1) Sidenote
2) Adium
3) Transmit
4) VLC
5) Smultron
6) Cashbox
7) Vienna
8) Firefox
9) Thunderbird
10) Candybar
11) Delicious Library
12) Handbrake
13) GimmeSomeTune
14) iSafe
15) Paparazzi!
16) Transmission
17) PodTube

Full article with app descriptions and links here.

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  1. Glad to hear from a happy switcher – however, there are some things on his list that are built into the Mac OSX – and perhaps he doesn’t realize that. Like Command-Shift-4 then Space to take pictures of a window, like a website, so not sure you need Paparazzi! Also, Keychain does a wonderful job of keeping track of all your passwords in a very secure way. You can also encrypt your home folder or a disk image that you can keep on your Mac and put whatever files you want to keep secure and private. So you may not need the iSafe product.

    I am sure there are really cool things that these two products do that go beyond what’s built into MacOSX – but the built in tools have satisfied all my needs.

  2. You know what I think the real deal is here?
    Its that in win XP you are way to scared of trojan and spy and mal ware to download any helpful app that might make life easier, am i right here? Does everyone know what im talking about? seriously you d/l and install one app and fail to read all the terms and next thing you knwo its one of those apps that installs search.exe and totally F’s up your whole pc, my god it even changes the os layout sometimes. At least with osx you have confidence that if you dont liek the app you can throw it in the trash and if you like it you arnt malled.

    Plus I have a real RAGING CLUE right now, is it giving anyone else a clue?

  3. that list is ridiculous, VLC and Firefox are not OSX only. And I bet there are more apps in the list who both exist as OSX and XP versions. Maybe the intention wasn’t to point out OSX-only solutions – but it sure likes like an attempt.

  4. Hey, I’m the guy that wrote the article. It wasn’t so much an attempt to show OSX only solutions, but apps you can use once you’ve switched, coming from a windows world. I do know that Firefox, Thunderbird, and VLC are also available for XP, and I used them on XP as well.

  5. terri, I hear you. But actually, as pointed out by joe, the problem isn’t the lack of software on the windows platform – muchmore the problems involved when trying them out. With OSX you can actually “afford” to install a beta version of some offbeat nerdy utility – without fuqqin up your setup. Also, and this I really like about apps written for OSX (and even for OS9 for that sake) – the average quality of free- and share-ware is often superior compared to their windows counterparts. I guess you could include commercial-ware as well. Now if they only could bring over Rhino to OSX :/

  6. Carolina brings up another good point, shareware and freeware apps for os x seem to run more seemlessly than anything on the xp machines.

    It seems that the coders try to make their apps look and feel like the cocane you get from apple(cocoa? maybe i got that wrong) any who.

    While pc apps try there best to make there own apps stand out from the drab mess that is XP instead of integrating.

    Plus it gives me a raging CLUE.

  7. cheers Matt – and WELCOME to the other side ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    make sure to check these must haves out

    • DragThing
    • Desktop Manager (actually I think it’s been discontinued – but there’s a followup for IntelMacs. Just check VersionTracker.com for more info.
    • Path Finder
    • ABFR (A Better Finder Rename)
    • Linotype Font Explorer X (Apple’s FontBook is a disgrace compared)
    • Cocktail

    also, Paparazzi sucks donkey nuts compared to Snapz Pro.

    Oh and the coolest screensaver still is Freefall

  8. Bijou, apparently desktopmanager will be updated soon [V.0.6] to work as a UB. The follow up to desktopmanager is called VirtueDesktops but the devs site has been down for some time now. Way cool on a PB tho, you can slap the side of the screen to switch space etc.

  9. Joe, what is up with your RAGING CLUE? Is this an inside joke I’m not understanding, or do you need a doctor or psychologist? You know if it lasts for more than four hours, you’re supposed to see a doctor, right?

  10. Chris,
    the Raging Clue reference is from the last episode of South Park, in which the Hardy boys are portrayed as gay (maybe?) and have “raging” clues, which can be construed as erections.

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