More Microsoft Zune myths explored

“The latest iPod Killer from Microsoft has raised a lot of questions,” Daniel Eran writes for RughlyDrafted. “Here’s part two of why many analysts are getting it all wrong.”

On Wednesday, Eran presented his first 5 Myths of Zune:
1: Microsoft’s iPod killer is … Zuma
2: Zune makes a good verb
3 : The Zune isn’t just another poorly constructed piece of crap
4: Microsoft can work out their iPod Killer’s kinks over the next few years
5: Microsoft can afford an extended failure

With today’s installment, Eran covers his Myths of Zune 6-10:
6. Microsoft’s reputation for crushing competition will help the Zune.
7. Zune only competes against the iPod, not PlaysForSure Players
8. Zune pioneers novel sharing features
9. Wireless networking is a good way to squirt songs
10. From a Digg Zune fan: “a single song [squirt] takes about 7 seconds (if not less) and a full album about 30 seconds”

Full article here.

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  1. I’m testing a portal website right now, and it’s being tested on five browsers [on our Macs] – Safari, Firefox, Opera, Camino and IE. I’m also testing it with IE 6.x on our PCs. The color and graphics render great on four out of five browsers on the Mac [no guesses which one doesn’t do a good job], and none out of one browser on the PC [quelle surprise!]. Plus, ‘.png’ files have never rendered correctly on Internet Explorer – either on Mac or PC – it’s simply incapable. In fact, the web creation software I use has a ‘fix’ for IE’s inability to render pngs built right in to the program.

    It’s almost worse than Netscape… and that’s so last century.

  2. People please … get a grip on your emotions you sound so scared of the Zune…
    Note: if it is a a bad product it will fail
    Note: if it is a good product it will hurt APPLE

    Please deal with “what is” not what “might be”…
    Last thing before I go , How do you know about this Zune product with putting it to the test ??? Or are you all just drinking the Steve Jobs go go juice???

  3. “Pouch? i suppose, if you’re a kangaroo. i prefer taking pics of my pooch.”

    I prefer to take pictures of my girlfriend’s cooch.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Peterson, I’ll post it again (from a few articles ago)

    Again with the Vista crap! Two reasons why Vista will launch like a lead zeppelin (yes, I meant the reference): the price and the processor overhead. I predict the vast majority who end up using Vista get it by buying a new computer. Any computer produced before 2006 runs Vista like crap!

  5. AlanAudio – I know the numbers can be a little confusing but there is a logical reason for this download time. You have to remember that the internet is not something you just dump something on. It’s not a truck. It’s a series of tubes. The tube that belongs to the Zune sending the songs or albums just needs to be higher that the Zune receiving the file. The acceleration of gravity does the rest. For best results the sending Zune should be right above the receiving Zune.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to send an Internet to my staff.

    – Sen. Stevens

  6. You know, sometimes i suspect that MDN just makes up some of these crazy personnas that show up posting in these comments in order to get us all going. Like all those wacko right wing Nazis that showed up the other day. C’mon. Those people can’t possibly be Mac users and they certainly wouldn’t all be visiting this typically liberal website, even if they were. I betcha MDN is Peterson. And prolly all the responses to Peterson, too. Ya think maybe?

  7. Senator Stevens:

    Thank you for your insightful explanation of the interweb.
    Somebody buy that man a bridge.

    So here’s another Zune myth:

    Phone capabilities: COME ON. Does anyone really think it will last that long?

    Does NO ONE remember the Tablet PC? That’s what this is going to be, MS carping about a product category that they’ll dominate because they say so. Any they won’t, because no one at MS ever asked themselves if they, personally, really wanted one. Tablet notebooks are dumb. No one wants them.

    So, Zune will launch, sell, oh about as many as Toshiba did already, maybe less. And that will be it for Zune.

    Anyone who buys one will NOT buy Vista. They will actually be pretty pissed by that time. =)

    MW: “personal” (opinion, please read prospectus for $29.95)

  8. “It didn’t have to push the Mac out of corporate cubes to establish Windows; there simply were no existing computers in many of the markets Microsoft pioneered.”

    There were Macs there, and they did get pushed out. Almost every last one.

    “Microsoft is trying to spin the idea that the Zune is only competing against the iPod, not devices tethered to its PlaysForSure WMA partnerships.”

    Who really cares what it competes with. if the other guys have compelling offerings, they will sell players. If not, they wont.

    “it really only allows users to share a link to a song, which isn’t novel at all.”

    The novel thing is that you can actually get to “try before you buy”, rather then purchase things on other people’s play lists and hope you like them.
    Furthermore the sharing happens then, now, not later when you go home and try to remember what songs/play lists etc you should be finding.

    How does the .Mac “equivalent” even approach that?

    Also if you have the music store subscription, it equates to getting a version which lasts forever.

    “WiFi wireless boasts a speed of 54 Mbit/sec, with a real-world throughput of around 20 Mbit/sec.”

    Yet the contention for calculating relative speed is that USB2 has a maximum throughput of 480Mbit/sec, not derated for “real world” performance. Secondly these Zunes a probably very close to each other, about as good a scenario as is possible for wifi.

    But what’s really important is how long it takes to move a song.

    Taking Apple’s 60GB iPod calculations, we get to 3 MB/Song. Assuming 20Mbit/Sec throughput, it would take 1.2 seconds to move a song.

    The time difference would be significant if you were transferring 20,000 songs, but not if just sharing a few.

    Even if it were double or triple that, say 3.6 seconds, That doesn’t sound outside the bounds of how long anyone would wait.

    “After spending ten minutes ineffectually squirting at the girl, she’ll be gone and unlikely to call again. “

    Has the guy not heard of the Zune DJ mode? you know the mode where you stream what you’re listening to now, and people can tune in to that?


    So don’t buy brown, buy black or white instead. I presume those colors are acceptable to an iPod owner?

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