More Microsoft Zune myths explored

“The latest iPod Killer from Microsoft has raised a lot of questions,” Daniel Eran writes for RughlyDrafted. “Here’s part two of why many analysts are getting it all wrong.”

On Wednesday, Eran presented his first 5 Myths of Zune:
1: Microsoft’s iPod killer is … Zuma
2: Zune makes a good verb
3 : The Zune isn’t just another poorly constructed piece of crap
4: Microsoft can work out their iPod Killer’s kinks over the next few years
5: Microsoft can afford an extended failure

With today’s installment, Eran covers his Myths of Zune 6-10:
6. Microsoft’s reputation for crushing competition will help the Zune.
7. Zune only competes against the iPod, not PlaysForSure Players
8. Zune pioneers novel sharing features
9. Wireless networking is a good way to squirt songs
10. From a Digg Zune fan: “a single song [squirt] takes about 7 seconds (if not less) and a full album about 30 seconds”

Full article here.

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  1. The troll above, whether he calls himself “Peterson” or “Stock Boy” or “SELL SELL SELL,” or “Sputnik” is really just a 14 year-old whose favorite pastime is coprophagia . . . which explains his professed love for the TurdZune.

    Uh, and by the way, troll . . . has the “TZ” shipped yet? No? Hmmm.

    The New Math of the Computing World: MS = VaporVista, VaporZune, and all other things gone with the wind (as in “Plays For Sure”).

  2. Here we go again…

    Peterson, you are an idiot Microsoft public relations department disaster area..

    In case you haven’t got it yet, the damage has been done, there is nothing you can do about it, so crawl back into your Windows world and weep…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”hmmm” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I’ve learned of yet another mark against Microsoft’s newest offering. According to a piece in InfoWorld, “The name for the device — which will take on the Apple iPod when released later this year — sounds like a vulgarity, specifically the “f” word, in Hebrew, IDG News’ Jeremy Kirk reports…

    Microsoft breaks the controversy down to pronunciation. “While we do acknowledge the similarity in pronunciation to Hebrew zi-yun, that is not the intended meaning of the name Zune,” according to a Microsoft statement.”

    FYI, last year an Israeli programmer developed an extension that provided right-to-left, Hebrew character displays for the iPod. Apple Israel now distributes that extension free.

  4. Something’s amiss. I didn’t post on this Zune story – have no interest in Zune talk.

    I did, however, on the niche story and meant to say pooch – as in Vista is a dog but will keep Apple Macs in single digit market share.

    Sorry, but except for a few Macs here and there, you aren’t going to find them replacing PCs in the workplaces of America – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

  5. “a single song [squirt] takes about 7 seconds (if not less) and a full album about 30 seconds”

    It’s easy. They spliced the video tape to prove they can transfer the songs and albums in short time.

  6. I have a story:

    Last night, my mom got an annoying popup bubble message (y’know, the kind from the bottom of the screen), telling her that she needed to upgrade to IE7. Why this is, I do not know, as I disabled IE and installed Firefox (I know, it’s still there even though it says it’s not). Anyway, the thing downloads, and then it says it needs to validate Windows. Wtf?! Validate Windows to see if it’s “genuine” to download a f*cking web browser? (a shoddy one that is just playing catch-up to its rivals, mind you.)

    And the frigging thing isn’t even better! A security exploit right out of the gate, and ugly as all hell! IE is for the birds. Anyone still using it deserves what they get. Did you know that it doesn’t display PNG’s correctly?

    Of course, after all of this, the install fails (why was I hoping for it to work anywyay?) I can’t wait till that PC of hers gets comprimised or something and we can get her an iMac. Only a matter of time.

    MW: Why am I surprised? A Microsoft program that doesn’t work? Who’d- a thunk it?!

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