Anti-phishing measures show up in Safari 3 builds

“Security enhancements that will protect users of Apple Computer’s forthcoming Safari 3.0 Web browser from malicious websites have already begun to appear in the latest builds of the company’s next-generation Leopard operating system,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “According to published reports, the ‘anti-phishing’ features, first described by AppleInsider last week, are accessible to developers testing the latest pre-release distribution of Leopard, build 9A283.

AppleInsider reports, “Through interaction with Google’s AntiTrust database, Safari 3.0 is able to automatically detecting ‘phishy'” or deceitful website URLs. It then notifies the user via a dialog box, webpage overlay, or a combination of the two. ‘This webpage is fraudulent. You should close it immediately,’ reads a dialog box that pops up in pre-release builds of the browser. ‘Google has identified this webpage as fraudulent. Do not enter any personal information on this page.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. There’s a picture of the new iCal on TUAW. It’s got the Unified interface. I bet that with all these ‘leaks’, they’ll make sure that they keep certain apps’ interfaces under wraps until they show it off next year (eg. Finder, Safari, etc.)

  2. Yeah… I have to say that I like firefox better, but IE 7 does have this feature, so I guess it’s time for us all to run around screaming like mac fanatics that [beleaguered] Microsuck or whatever preschool names you all have now is being copied by divine Apple.

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