Jim Cramer: Apple’s quarter showed how poorly the also-rans are faring

“SanDisk has an iPod killer. No, Microsoft does! No, Motorola’s got one! How about some new Chinese-Korean thing where they give the music away? How many times in the past year have you heard this nonsense? How much money has it kept you from making in Apple ? Last night’s quarter should put all the doubters to rest,” Jim Cramer writes for TheStreet.com.

Cramer writes, “There’s only one iPod, one iTunes and soon one iFilm and one iPhone. This gadget owns the market. No one can touch it. But it is such a huge market that others have to try to stop it. They have to. Any company that wants to make money with a handheld anything has to stop it. So they keep trying. This quarter, however, showed how poorly the also-rans are faring.”

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Gotta love Cramer.

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  1. If Apple’s quality, service, and customer service continues to drop from excellent to something less and less and less, Cramer will soon sound the ‘sell’ gong and long for the better days when Apple cared about excellence instead of the impossible task of gaining anything above tiny, single digit market shares.

    Vista will, regardless of its legion of problems, ruin all the Apple hype and, hopefully, drive Steve back to focusing on being not only better than the others, but as good as Apple can be.

  2. While Cramer is right, the real reason AAPL is soaring is because Mac sales have greatly exceeded Wall Street’s inaccurate projections. Apple’s marketshare is now at 6.1% and rising. And this is just the beginning. It’s a great time to own AAPL.

  3. Peterson says, “Vista will, regardless of its legion of problems, ruin all the Apple hype …..”

    Hmmmmm, “Hype”. So, are Apple products just hype or are they good quality? Is Apple sales hype or actual sales?

    Will Vista sell? Yep, sure it will sell, and the “HYPE” that will flow from those sales, no matter how few, will be pushed down our throats. For a while.

    Maybe its just me, but I think as the viruses start coming out for Vista and spyware, and crashes, people will start to say, All new Vista, and its still just Windows XP with more problems. Hmmmm, maybe an Apple this time????

    Just my thoughts.


  4. Jeff:

    Why should Apple buy Dell? Then it would be Apple’s money that will be given back to the stockholders.

    Better to just let it whither and die. If Dell has any assets worth buying, get them cheap at their going-out-of-business sale.

  5. Dear MDN,

    The site desperately needs an update! The current paradigm from circa 1997 is too tired and dysfunctional. Not at all in keeping with the cutting edge Apple theme.

    Maybe consider a Digg like functionality. There are open source web 2.0 apps freely available.

    Good luck!

    PS: Please get rid of the useless and annoying inline contextual ad links – crass.

  6. “Do grow up and take it elsewhere.”

    I definitely second that! The maturity of some contributors to this forum obviously leaves a great deal to be desired. An occasional joke is one thing, but it seems to me that, compared to some of the other computer forums I read regularly (Apple, MacWorld, ArsTechnica, etc.), the quality of the responses one reads here in the MDN forum is sadly lacking in substance way too much of the time. I respectfully request that those readers of this forum who have nothing better to do all day than make stupid wise cracks do the rest of us a favor and amuse themselves somewhere else.

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