Apple shares rocket 6.5% in after-hours trading on stellar earnings report

Shares of Apple Computer Inc. jumped sharply in after-hours trading Monday evening, after the company posted its latest stellar inancial results.

Apple gained 6.5% to $79.40 after reporting a fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $546 million, or 62 cents a share, on revenue of $4.84 billion.

In the same quarter last year, the iPod and Mac maker earned $430 million or 50 cents a share on revenue of $3.68 billion.

The company beat the estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call, who forecast Apple to earn 51 cents a share on $4.67 billion.

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  1. We have a new MacPro at work. The standard 2.66 model. It blows away the Quad G5 in all the Adobe apps even though they’re not native yet. If someone needs a new machine now, just buy the MacPro. Performance is fantastic NOW and will only be better with native CS3.

  2. Last year, Apple sold 10 Macs every minute (24/7) and 5 of those customers have never owned a Mac before. In the past, roughly half of all new Mac owners were switchers, so for every hour of every day 150 Dells and HPs hit the dumpster after being replaced on the desk by a Mac…

    1,325,000 people switched last year
    1,325,000 people no longer worry about viruses or anti-virus updates
    1,325,000 people are NOT having to reboot, reinstall or cry in their tea
    1,325,000 people are smacking themselves in the head for not doing it sooner

    To those 1,325,000 people, “Welcome!”

  3. How many of those analysts got close to predicting that Apple would produce profits of 62 cents per share ? Most didn’t even fancy Apple’s chances of meeting the upper end of their previous predictions and were expecting profits of 49 to 55 cents per share.

    Many analysts insisted that iPod sales were slowing down, yet sales increased.

    Apple have set very ambitious projections for the next quarter, it will be interesting to see if the analysts believe them this time or if the analysts still reckon that they know better.

  4. Now, the video iPod. And the frikkin’ phone is finally coming out.
    Now put the cable companies out of business as content suppliers.
    Pass the savings on to you.

    On the list of “Very Loud Things” in the Macintosh Universe™, this rates a sold:

    *Space Shuttle Launch Nozzle*


    MW: “stand” (in the place where you live)

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