Apple again leads Consumer Reports’ survey for notebook, desktop computer tech support, value, more

“The November 2006 issue of Consumer Reports contains the electronics and computers ratings for the magazine, and Apple’s products came out on top yet another year,” Tobias Buckell reports for Blogging Stocks.

Buckell reports, “Apple Computer, Inc. laptops did the best in terms of value [and] Apple had top ratings for notebook and desktop computer tech support. Brand repair history of some 128,000 computers had Apple showing fewer repairs than any other PC brand. The Apple store also got top marks in all categories when compared to other computer stores.”

Full article here.

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  1. Consumer Reports may not be very skilled at evaluating high-tech products, but they do know how to count beans. This is good since CR is read by an army of mostly PC users no doubt. Maybe the cloud of FUD is finally parting. Gotta happen sometime.

  2. “They claim Macs have no productivity software, and don’t even include a basic word processor!”

    My MBPro came with no word processor; text edit only. So CR is not in error here if they reviewed the Pro line. Pages was only a demo, and AppleWorks isn’t supplied with Pro machines. I’m not sure if it still comes on the iMacs.

  3. That repairs bit is shit. I started college a year ago. For school, 5 of my closest friends bought powerbooks. 4 of us had to have ours replaced within the first month. I just bought a macbook this summer, and so did a friend of mine… Both of us have already had them replaced. Apple is definitely great about honoring their 1 year warranty, but soooo many of their computers break down it is ridiculous. I honestly don’t see how they can be making money giving out so many free computers. They should get it together quality-control wise, because I can’t imagine that any other computer companies have this many issues.

  4. Spark,

    Well they said it in a negative sense, not comparitive, as though windows computers do have more.

    So what “word processor” comes with Xp, Wordpad?
    Macs have TextEdit.

    What productivity software comes with XP?

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