Transmeta sues Intel over chip patents

“Transmeta has sued Intel, claiming that its Pentium and Core PC processors violate Transmeta patents. Core processors appear in Apple’s Intel-based Macintosh line,” Robert McMillan reports for IDG News Service.

“The lawsuit alleges that Intel has violated ten patents covering processor design and power efficiency techniques. It was filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware,” McMillan reports.

McMillan reports, “Transmeta is asking the court for damages, royalty payments, and an injunction barring Intel from selling infringing products. Intel’s Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Core and Core 2 processors violate the patents, Transmeta claims.”

McMillan reports, “The lawsuit comes after the two companies failed to agree to licensing terms, said Transmeta’s President and Chief Executive Officer Arthur Swift.”

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  1. If they failed to agree to licensing terms, that means Intel already knows they’re violating the patent.

    Odds are, they’ll settle out of court. This is basically the next phase in their licensing negotiations.

  2. Another typical day of lawsuits for the Wintel Alliance

    “Smithers, release the hounds”

    If Steve Jobs wasn’t aging so rapidly the fight against the ultimate evil would continue.

    Anyone You-Tube all the MacWorld Expo’s since Steve Jobs returned?

    The first one showed Steve Jobs returned, the second showed Microsoft investment in Apple and Bill Gates ugly mug on the big screen (with everyone boo-ing).

    Fast forward to the present shows a rather sickly looking Steve.

    He got old very fast.

  3. Intel probably thoug, WTF ??? All this time and now they come forward to Sue?

    This is a definite loss to tranmeta, and with this battle, they are going to loss even more maney.

    They messed with the bull, they are getting the Horns.

  4. DUMB…..Intel develops their technologies without even applying to patents because they dont want AMD and others to reverse engineer it. If Transmeta has anything on intel its because of an Insider leak….i smell criminal investigation……

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