Steve Jobs, Bono confirm ‘Product Red’ Apple iPod nano, iTunes ‘Red’ gift card

“Talk show host Oprah Winfrey and humanitarian rocker Bono hit the city’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ on Thursday for a shopping spree to promote a new line of clothing, accessories and gadgets, including a special-edition iPod, that will raise money to fight AIDS in Africa,” Ashley M. Heher reports for The Associated Press. “Dozens of ‘(Product) Red’ items will go on sale in the coming weeks by Gap Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Motorola Inc., Converse Inc. and Emporio Armani.”

“Apple will contribute $10 from the sale of each new red-colored iPod nano. The model, priced the same as its $199 cousins, goes on sale Friday,” Heher reports.

“The celebrities, who arrived at the downtown Chicago Gap store in a red Ford Thunderbird, got a sneak peak at the products during a private shopping stint that will be broadcast Friday on Winfrey’s show,” Heher reports. “After visiting the Gap, the duo walked along Michigan Avenue to an Apple store and picked up the red iPod, the first music product from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company designed to raise money for charity.”

Heher reports, “With Apple’s iPod alone, The Global Fund stands to raise millions of dollars. During the holiday quarter in 2005, Apple sold 14 million iPods. The iPod maker also plans to donate some proceeds from a $25 iTunes Red gift card to the organization. ‘I love the fact that Bono is trying to do something about this problem,’ Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said in a phone interview. ‘I’ve never been to Africa, but you don’t have to go there to know there are a lot of people dying of AIDS there. In a small way, this is something we could do about it.'”

Heher reports, “Bono said. ‘We now have some of the most creative people in commerce – Steve Jobs, the marketing people at Gap and Motorola – all working for the world’s poor. That is so so cool.'”

Full article here.

The Chicago Tribune has a photo of Bono and Oprah listening to the ‘(Product) Red iPod nano at the Apple Store Chicago here.

MacDailyNews Note: We expect press releases and official photos from Apple and (PRODUCT) RED on Friday.

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  1. Totally awesome. Finally there is an iPod nano color that doesn’t SUCK (lime green? hot pink? bondi blue?), it will benefit AIDS research, and it will cost no more than the standard 4GB iPod nano.

    I think I’m going to sell my 4GB silver nano on eBay – I wanted a bright red one in the first place!

  2. Jimbo…….YOU’RE A DICK!! Settle down there, son. The kid didn’t even say anything to you. Why jump on his ass? As for his opinion, he’s entitled to it. Oprah IS a suckup and a bitch in real life. I have friends that work for HARPO.

  3. Look how easy it is to write . . . “Oh Dear GawD!!” YOU’RE A SPHINCTER! Your cynicism (and that of jjr) is truly remarkable. Why should be believe that your so-called “friends” at Harpo aren’t bitches and bastards themselves? If they’re acquaintances of yours, I tend to believe they ARE! Oh, and by the way, what the hell have YOU done for anyone but yourself lately . . . except sling mud at your betters? Jerkwad.

  4. Not to be left out Steve Ballmer has announced that Microsoft will dedicate next month’s Windows patches to a new charity it has founded, called “Microsoft Against Obesity in Windows Support Staff”. It’s contribution will be 50 cents for each new Windows virus released in the wild.

  5. Midlothian ,get off Jimbo you tool. Funny you tell him to settle down that call him a dick immediately following. jr’s comment was stupid and if he posts it in this forum he certainly is talking to anyone who is here.

    Oprah is in a position where she has to be a certain way to maintain the huge empire she created. If that makes her a bitch then so be it. She probably does it to keep all the alligators from nipping at her heels.
    All I know is that she does more good for people than MOST people who have a billions dollars.

    Or did you just come here to brag that you have friends that work for her?

  6. Oh by the way Oh Dear Gawd, did you ever notice that fucks like you call someone like Donald Trump “a shrewd businessman”, but refer to people like Oprah as “a real bitch”. Yeah, it’s a double edged sword and soemone should stick that sword up your tight ass.

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