Muslim website says Muslims aren’t offended by Apple Store Fifth Avenue cube

“Recently, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) stated that an anonymous Islamic website in the Middle East urged Muslims to show their outrage at the Apple Store in New York City, which built a pavilion coincidentally resembling the cube shape of the Ka’aba, the ancient structure in Mecca towards which all Muslims pray (the actual structure is glass, though MEMRI referenced a black plywood cover during construction),” Shahed Amanullah reports for alt.muslim.

“Predictibly, the post brought out cries of indignation from people upset that Muslims would be offended (yet again). But missing in the report was the name of the purported website, why it was considered authoritative on the matter, or any actual offended Muslims (our straw poll garnered a collective shrug, along with much respect for Steve Jobs, himself the son of an Arab). It’s not the first time the controversial organisation has selectively framed an issue to show Muslims in a less than positive light, nor is it the only instance of pre-emptive outrage attributed to Muslims in recent months,” Amanullah reports.

Amanullah reports, “In the case of the (selective) MEMRI account, where at least one Muslim did (allegedly) complain about the NYC Apple Store, it seems that whenever a lone Muslim says something incendiary – even when it is an anonymous person hiding in a cave somewhere – his words are taken to somehow represent all Muslims. When whole groups of Muslims issue condemnations of terrorism, they are treated as “brave but isolated cries”, or worse, ignored. In MEMRI’s case, the mainstream media has already begun reporting it as fact. When it comes to Muslims, everyone loves a rumor.”

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  1. from and reposted as a comment on

    “It is transparent glass with an Apple logo in the middle and looks as much like the Ka’ba as the Pompidou Centre looks like the Great Pyramid. We have heard reports of Apple fans swirling around the cube hoping to touch the sacred symbol in the middle, but that is nothing to do with Islam and is entirely a different sort of creed.”

    Too funny….

  2. Sigh. Seriously, who cares what “Muslims” think. Nobody pays attention to “Christians”, and they’re as unified, homogeneous and monolithic as Islam appears on your silly American (and, sadly, the rest of the English speaking world’s American-dominated) mass media.

    Geometry exists outside religion. Finis.

  3. Ok, I have read that Steve Jobs biological father was from Jordan. I don’t think they are considered Arab. Please advise. Plus, his Dad was red blooded American, right? My heritage is Danish, does this make me a Dane? No, I was born here and my parents are American. So, leave the Steve Jobs Arab connection in the dang dirt.

  4. Jordanians are Arabs. Unquestionably. And, believe it or not, Arabs (and everyone else) can be ‘red-blooded’ too, not just Americans. And yes, from an historical perspective, your Danish roots do make you partly Danish. The whole point is that Arabs see history and ethnicity as being much more important than Europeans and Americans do. So Steve would logically be a source of pride to many Arabs in that he is successful, well known, well liked and partly Arab.

  5. Jordanians are Arabs, Like Palestinians are Arabs

    “The Arabs (Arabic: عرب ʻarab) are predominantly speakers of the Arabic language, rather than a pure ethnic group, mainly found throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

    You have Christian Jordanian Arabs, and Christian Palestinian Arabs

    You have Muslim Jordanina Arabs, and ….

    well you get the picture

    Generally these Muslims & Christian Arabs have gotten on quite well over the last few hundred years..

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