Mac Expo London coming October 26th

Mac Expo London, which runs from October the 26th thru to the 28th promises to be an exciting event, with lots of new and interesting products to see.

Mac Expo London is the UK’s leading exhibition and conference for the Mac community. With its doors open to both creative professionals and the public, the show is the annual celebration of everything Mac and iPod.

More info:

Geekanoids told MacDailyNews that they will be covering the first two days of the event and posting news on their site with regular updates.

After the event, most likely before the weekend is out, Geekanoids also promises a full show report.



  1. I used to go to these if I had a free ticket, and when it was in Islington. It was only one stop on the tube from work. Made the effort to get over to Olympia last year, but it was a huge yawn-fest. Lots of geeks clutching plasic bags full of product brochures. Reseller stands sometimes have some good offers.

  2. I went to Mac Expo 3 years ago when the 3g iPod had just come out. It was so unusual to have an ipod that anyone with an iPod got in free!

    I don’t imagine that could happen today. What apple product is rare enough to grant its owner free entry this year?

  3. October 26th is my birthday! Sadly 41. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”sick” style=”border:0;” />

    But if my free ticket does turn-up again this year, I will be going down to the Kensington Olympia to see what’s new, check out the Quark product announcement, and buy a new iPod Shuffle (if they’re out by then).

    Unfortunately, dispite Kensington being closer to me than Islington, Olympia is a freekin’ lifeless aircraft hanger of a space compared to the Design Centre in Islington, where it should move back to…

  4. Yep I’ll be going to Mac Expo despite last year being a disappointment and as mentioned above a “yawn-fest”.

    The only difference is that this year seems to be more exciting with more exhibitors than last year and I’m hopeful that there won’t be another crush for purchases, three rows deep with buyers, as I recall, for offers at the only reseller in attendance at Mac Expo.

    And no I hope that Mac Expo won’t return to the Business Design Centre in Islington as the last Expo held there was the worst and mainly due to the expo hall being nearly full of cigarette smoke when the ventilation system failed due to being overcapacity with the number of visitors at the expo.

    I also recall being heel to toe in the corridors in between exhibitors as I made my rounds, apologising all the time for treading of peoples feet when Mac Expo was held in Islington.

    Good for the event, sucksville for the venue!

    Should any other venue be sought or even considered the Excel Centre in London Docklands will be the one to get my vote with Birmingham’s (Not Alabama) NEC a close second. FYI alight at Custom House on the Docklands Light Railway, DLR for ExCel Centre to give the venue its actual spelling.

    As for Keynote speeches by an Apple employee or executive, it would be good and I hope sometime soon Apple will, but no Apple has never given a Keynote at Mac Expo.

    MW ‘process’ as in expo events continue to get larger by a process of continually striving to better each successive event after the last.

  5. I’ll be there again, got some good bargains last year, and I’m also under orders to get my girlfriend something there for her birthday.

    Olympia is within walkting distance of where I live, so it’s fine with me.

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