CNET: Microsoft’s Windows Vista still not ready for prime time

The overall quality of this $399 Windows Vista Ultimate edition isn’t deserving of final-release-candidate status, says CNET’s Robert Vamosi. Expect to see at least one more interim build or perhaps even another release candidate soon, CNET says under the subtitle “Vista still not ready for prime time.”

Vamosi takes a CNET “First Look: Windows Vista RC2” via online video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why people (and the vast majority, no less) put up with Windows is unfathomable. They truly must believe that they have no other choice or perhaps it’s just the good old “ignorance is bliss” factor that keeps working so profitably for Microsoft. Even if Vista actually worked, there is no way we could stand to look at and fight with an interface that looks like the spawn of two drunk inbred Macs who stumbled into some depraved fertility clinic run by Hanna-Barbera.

For our Windows-only visitors via Google News and elsewhere: Are you really going to spend that kind of money ($399 for Windows Vista Ultimate) on an operating system that is trying so desperately to be Apple’s Mac OS X? Most likely, you’re going to need a new computer to run Vista anyway. Why not use that money toward a new Mac instead? Install your current copy of Windows XP on it via Apple’s free Boot Camp or Parallels US$79.99 Desktop for Mac. From what we see, you won’t be missing out on much by ignoring Windows Vista (some call it “Windows XP SP3”) and you’ll be gaining so much more with Apple’s virus-free Mac OS X and iLife applications running on elegant and inexpensive Intel-powered Apple hardware.

Now is the perfect time to consider trying something new (and you can still run your Windows applications, too)! At some point in your life, you’ve probably told someone, “You don’t know what you’re missing,” right? Well, we’re saying that to you today. Get a Mac! You deserve it. And the Mac community will be here to support your new adventure every step of the way. Why do we care what you use? Do it and you’ll find yourself telling people to “Get a Mac,” too. Switching from Windows PC to Mac really is a revelation.

Find out more about Mac OS X Tiger here:
And Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard (coming spring 2007) here:

Apple’s Intel-powered MacBook starts at just $1099. And, Apple’s Intel-powered iMac starts at only $999.. Apple’s Mac mini starts at just $599 (For $200 more than a box of Vista Ultimate, you get a Mac, Mac OS X, iLife, and so much more)!

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  1. $399.00 is WAY over priced. I don’t care what OS it is. But especially Windows/Visa.

    I could probably buy a crappy PC for $200.00 and get the OS that way then pitch the POS PC into the trash.

    But that would only happen if I planned on buying Vista – I don’t.

  2. It looks like it was designed by Apple.

    To look bad so people will buy Mac OSX.

    If I was Microsoft and that was the state of play right now, and it was out to manufacturing ‘soon’ – I’d have the old brown trousers on, be having sleepless nights (and days) and be looking for a rope and a beam.

    It’s gonna be a lash-up of cosmic proportions. Hopefully.

  3. Why people (and the vast majority, no less) put up with Windows is unfathomable.

    Not really. Apple dropped the ball, big time, in the mid-to-late-1990’s. Microsoft picked it up. We are still living with those decisions.

    Change is difficult and expensive. Only when the alternative is cheaper and much better does change happen.

    That is what is happening now. OS X is changing things. It will be slow. Be patient. It will happen

  4. Looks like Bomber has lost a little weight. There’s no doubt that his health is robust though.

    Love the look the interviewer chick had when he talked about coming and the bone in his mouth. He is such an obnoxious tool. Priceless.

  5. “Although I know I live in a country with many retards ( ) it’s actually true MDN: many people have no clue when it comes to “operating systems”: they still don’t know that there is such thing as “another” OS, let alone Mac OSX”

    Although it may be difficult for all the nerds on this board to believe it, but most of the general population doesn’t even know what an operating system is. They just know they bought a “computer” that runs “programs”.

    Most of the population is stupid, which seems to very closely correlate with 95% windows market share.

  6. “Apple dropped the ball, big time, in the mid-to-late-1990’s. Microsoft picked it up. We are still living with those decisions.

    Not really. The die was cast when IBM licensed rather than purchased the MS-DOS OS for its first PCs. IBM was the king of Business and “Big Iron” computing. As the saying went in those days, “No one ever got fired for buying IBM.” And “business” did just that. IBM made MS the darling of business. And because IBM didn’t own the OS, MS was free to license it to all the clone makers which spawned the Wintel hegemony. Once MS ripped off Apple’s GUI, Apple didn’t have chance. They didn’t drop the ball… they never really had it.

  7. But Sparko, even business is made up of human beings. It’s only a matter of time before the CEO’s and everyone else sees -and experiences- for themselves that there is a better way…

    Then the IT execs will have to start acting and earning their keep, and of course firing all those excessive staff who have to permanently mend and patch Windows…

  8. If I’m not mistaken, IBM did own the first OS for it’s PC. Bill Gates brilliantly suckered IBM into selling it back to M$, whhere it became MS-DOS. In any event, IBM had the chance to be the big one in personal computing and ended up making one of the all time business blunders in history.

  9. “The Creature” Ballmer:

    “Most of our erstwhile industry participants tend to specialize in one thing.”

    Microsoft’s “partners” had better worry about that one. It’s a promise that Plays For Sure is only the first of many “innovations” swirling around in the bowl — assuming that The Creature knows the meaning of ‘erstwhile.’ But jeez, he must because he’s so swayve. After listening to him speak French, I’d bet he could order escargot without pronouncing the T. Well, the more things change. . . .

    Illustrating four points, he holds up five fingers. I’m almost sure, though, he doesn’t throw food on his family. If there’s an empty chair to be had.

    “I’ve gotta not be the visionary. . . .” Wow! His counselling sessions are working!

    “. . . but I do have to be the champion of innovation at Microsoft.” Well, the next counselling session will be the first of his visiting-the-shrink “get-real modules.”

    Oh, jeez. The Creature talked about Microsoft evolving! That sound is his U.S. customer base rushing the exits.

    Double WOW!! One of the interviewers, Yvonne Genovese, is VP, Distinguished Analyst. Oh! Imagine! She’s not just an analyst. She’s aDistinguished analyst. And not just a Distinguished analyst. She’s VP and a Distinguished analyst.

    I can see why. She’s uncovered a new truth! She understands that “we” consume software. I can only hope I have room for it after I consume my car.

    To all the other analysts in the world: Give up. You’ll never be Distinguished, now. The position’s taken, and it’s all over. You might as well kill yourselves.

    Magic Word: attack. The terrorists have won.

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