Microsoft sets new patch record for 26 flaws in Windows, Office (incl. Mac Office)

“Microsoft on Tuesday released 10 security updates, one less than anticipated, that patched a record 26 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, and .Net. More than half of the flaws were pegged ‘critical’ by the Redmond, Wash. developer,” Gregg Keizer reports for TechWeb.

Keizer reports, “6 of the 10 updates were judged critical, with the remaining split among Microsoft’s other rankings: ‘important’ (1), ‘moderate’ (2), and ‘low’ (3). Of the 26 disclosed vulnerabilities, 15 were labeled critical, 6 important, 2 moderate, and 3 low. Both the total vulnerabilities and the number of critical vulnerabilities set new records for Microsoft in its monthly patch process.”

Keizer reports, “All the Office updates affect not only various versions on Windows, but also Mac Office 2004 and Mac Office v. X. Mac users can update from within the suite, or by downloading the appropriate patch at Microsoft’s Mactopia Web site.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Microsoft’s Mactopia Web site:


  1. In Microsoft’s defense, Office:Mac is actually a pretty decent piece of software. My biggest beef with it is that it’s not universal yet, and it won’t be until they release Office 2007 some time later next year. Otherwise, it’s a fairly fluid program and fits in well in OS X.

  2. Office for Mac, or Apple’s future iWorks suite, needs a database counterpart to Access. (Many of our apps are built on Access.) It also needs better compatibility with files intended for Office for Windows. (I have a Powerpoint slide show with music that will not work on Office for Mac.) Finally, Entourage needs functionality at least equal to Outlook 2003 and comparable display behavior when using an Exchange back-end. (We’ve not yet figured out how to utilize Windows personal folders or secure messaging certificates when using Entourage.)

  3. Raymond. I wish the same thing too but it ain’t gonna happen. I’m buying a biz and I will have to use at least 1 Win PC because of a scheduling application written in Access. Apple already has a very good database in FileMaker however it isn’t compatible with Access and it will never be. As far as MS goes I don’t see them doing a version for the Mac because there are sooo many consumer/small biz apps built on it.

    Wih the exceptin of a potential acquisition I think Office for the mac is the last product that MS will ever develop for the Mac and they do it purely as a defensive play to keep companies from developing a competitor in the Mac that can then be ported to Windows.

  4. ..and the VERY BEST news about this?

    Two of the patches are for Vista. already flawed, already being fixed and patched up with sticking plaster before it’s even launched.

    You could not make it up if you tried for a million years!

    Microsoft are working hard to make security in Vista a “fantastic experience”.


  5. Even though I have Pages and Appleworks on my machine, I still find that a random Excel document will find its way into my machine via email or flash drive.

    In those few instances, I find Office 2004 very useful.

    But for the other 99% of the time, there really isn’t a use for Office on my machine. Pages and Keynote are butter, and if you like nostalgia, Appleworks is good too.

    I’m just waiting for my minions at Apple to come out with their own version of Office. Can you imagine if my Apple came out with quality database, and spreadsheet applications? I think the horizon is bright…don’t you?

    We would call this new office automation suite…get this…”Appleworks”. There is no reason to change a great (classic) name, is there?

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