RUMOR: Apple to announce wireless video iPod in ‘very near future’

“When not only one, but multiple trusted sources get in touch to let us know Steve Jobs & Co. are supposedly finally about completed with the wireless / video iPod, we have to take note. Supposedly they’re preparing to announce the device in the very near future, which we’ve been told is both wireless and widescreen,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget.

Full article here.


  1. “Very near future”?

    Like, say, MacWorld?

    I really doubt that Apple would announce a “video iPod” before Christmas unless they were ready to ship before Christmas. Why? Because if they announced it and said it’d be shipping in January, iPod sales would tank for the holidays.

    And if “Steve Jobs & Co.” have just now completed the design, the factory has to get ramped up, etc. There’s no way they could have sufficient numbers on the shelves before Christmas.

  2. This is nothing but FUD!

    I expect Microsoft asked them to state this to put off potential buyers of the iPod this holiday season, hoping they will buy a Zune instead.

    I expect to see a widescreen, horozontally held iPod at some point, but not until next year, and not replacing the currently available iPod.

  3. Don’t forget though that sometimes, Apple just seems to do things that no one really expected.

    @Peter: Maybe you underestimate thos Foxconn workers and how many they can put together in a short amount of time, especially working the 15 hour days that they are forced to work.

    I do have to say with the improved battery life, they might be able to support wireless although I still do not see much use in this since you still have to plug it in to charge it.

  4. I would love to see a video iPod and updated MacBooks and MacBook pro’s late Oct/early Nov. Then at MacWorld, they announce the iTV’s new name and avalible that day, and then some new, lower-end Mac tower, that is about the same spec’s as the iMac, only without the built in display and with expandability. Something starting equal to the highest Mac Mini and stopping about the middle of the iMac road, as far as spec’s are considered. They like to announce something at these events that no one knew about (ie. OS X on Intel since the beginning). Also, look for a much more detailed preview of Leopord, plus a set release date.

  5. zune will be coming out Nov. 14th. what about video ipod release as the same day? it will be very very hilarious! it’s like the day when Steve introduced ipod nano last year. Motorola itunes was screw up at the same time. it will be very interesting if they will do it.

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