Windows Vista gaming will be 10-15 percent slower than XP

“Microsoft is telling its selected gaming industry chaps that gaming under Vista will be ten to fifteen per cent slower than XP. It is because you have to load the 3D desktop all the time,” Fuad Abazovic reports for The Inquirer.

“So if you play Battlefield 2 or FEAR or any other popular game you are likely to get lower frame rates with Vista. That is certainly not a good buying argument but don’t think you and I have much choice as it looks like a take it or leave it deal. I like Vista as the 3D desktop looks sexy but that is probably its key feature,” Abazovic reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason to Get a Mac. You can run XP and Vista on the Mac if you are so inclined, but you’ll also have Mac OS X if you’re into truly sexy UIs. See Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard (due spring 2007) sneak peek here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Billy Ash” for the heads up.]


  1. Where is the incentive to up, er, downgrade to Vista?

    What feckless idiot is going to do that?

    Vista OpenGL runs slower because they are trying to tie people into DirectX. Divide and CON!!!!

    The graphics subsystem has to run through layers of sludge too!

  2. Sounds like trouble for MS. Vista will not run on many older PC’s. Big Business is not going to buy 10,000 copies of a $300 + operating system, and now the high end gamers are not going to buy something that plays slower. If this is true Vista will be a loss. 8 + years in development and will only going to be installed on new computer purchases.

    I don’t see anyone camping out in front of a store to purchase this.

  3. I’d say it’s time for that guy playing Flight Simulator X to upgrade his equipment. Vista is hardware intensive and really shouldn’t be compared on that stuff. An ATI 9600XT? And only 1 GB of RAM just doesn’t hack it. I’m not trying to defend Vista, but I would rather see the comparison on a decent rig. Just my opinion.

  4. “Yeah, but we have been shut out of gaming on the Mac for a long time (at least for many newer titles). I’m not much of a gamer, but I think using OS X to bash Vista on gaming is a bit of a strech.”

    100% correct. OSX is 40% slower in OpenGL rendering than Windows anyway. Answer that one!

  5. Just proves if you have a better or more complex graphics environment you compromise by having a slightly slower (at least) responce. Speed is something that Windows users have boasted about for years over the Mac but the simple truth is that they will now lose that little repetitive chant of theirs while getting nothing as sophisticated or attractive when compared to the Mac to compensate them. Poor deluded fools.

  6. Oh -Oh Kool Aid time for the wait till Distant Vista finaly hits the shores gaming crowd.

    This is really really bad. Anyone that knows gamers knows the obsession for speed and frame rate is all that matters.

    Wait till Obi Wan geek running XP on a latest hardware waxes
    Théoden_13456 geek on same hardware with Vista.

    Brilliant strategy by Gates to keep a strong demand for installed XP in the pipeline.

  7. Consoles,

    If you don’t game why make a comment here about gaming?

    Consoles are not better than computers for gaming in my opinion or I would use that instead of a PC. Especially as some genres (RTS) are not even available on a console.

    Add to that the ability to MOD and extend PC games and better graphics. I also like to use a keyboard to play and chat at the same time.

    Plus, PC gaming is a multi “B”illion dollar a year industry. Even if you don’t game, why wouldn’t you like Apple to profit from that?

    If you don’t have an iPOD or buy music from iTMS do you think that Apple should just close those services down too?

  8. Ever wonder what the real reason for Windows genuine advantage being rolled out right BEFORE Vista is released might be?

    You’re seeing it here, in part–there’s going to be enormous demand by people buying Vista-installed machines to downgrade to XP.

    I’ve been hoarding bittorrented XP images so we have a nice collection of XP copies to install on any new machines that come pre-installed with Vista or, more likely, for the Mac minis we’ll be getting in the future.

    Oddly enough, my old boss called me today from CompUSA where he was trying to get a 17″ MacBook Pro, but they were out of stock so I gave him the address for Springboard.

  9. If I was a PC user and I was fine with XP, why would I upgrade to Vista? If I was a PC user looking to upgrade hardware, keeping my XP and buying a Mac is looking like a “relevant” option.

  10. Ok here’s my 2¢

    1: Microsoft has been wanting to kill off personal computing/gaming in favor of dedicated machines like X-Boxes because of rampant piracy.

    2: Aspects of Trusted Computing protecting software requires the OS and EFI to be in complete control at all times and not bypassed.

    3: Microsoft see’s where Apple is going with the ability to run multiple games in windows much like everything else is.

    So with that 3D game developers will have to and really want to stay under the OS umbrella, this of course will incurr performance losses because game engines won’t be able to access the processors directly.

    Apple never really seriously considered the Mac as a 3D gaming platform, rather providing ease of use and security in lew of “anything goes” performance tweaks.

    Now Microsoft follows.

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