Microsoft’s Windows Vista spyware may prompt users to upgrade to Apple Mac

“Until a couple of days ago, like many others, I was looking forward to the long awaited release of Windows Vista. Then the news broke about Microsoft’s intention to crack down on software piracy by putting what amounts to spyware on users’ computers. Now I’m thinking twice about whether I really need or want this new operating system,” Stan Beer writes for iTWire. “As sure as night follows day there will be many cases in which the SPP will make mistakes and label legitimately acquired software as pirated. In such cases, users will have to convince Microsoft that they bought their software legitimately and, if they don’t succeed, they will have to hand over extra money or their system will be disabled.”

Beer writes, “Perhaps we should be grateful to Microsoft for letting its intentions be known in advance of the Vista release. It gives us a chance to evaluate the alternatives.”

“There is of course Linux, an operating system that enterprises are considering with increasing frequency. Relatively few have made the jump to the Linux desktop but they now have a clear choice between moving to Vista with its tight validation controls and Linux distributions without such controls from Vendors such as Red Hat and Novell, as well as freely available distributions such as Ubuntu,” Beer writes.

Beer writes, “As far as consumers are concerned, unfortunately no Linux distribution has shown itself to be ready for prime time. Perhaps for them, the best option is to upgrade to an Apple Mac. Then they can run their Windows XP stuff in a virtual window using Parallels or in dual boot mode using Boot Camp, while also taking advantage of all the cool Mac applications that come with their system.”

Beer writes, “Microsoft’s decision to try to nab Vista software pirates using spyware may be the best thing that ever happened to Linux and Mac OS X.”

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  1. Consider the number of pirated Windows installation there probably are out there, this would be a significant boost to Apple, if even a portion decided to get a Mac instead of paying Microsoft for Vista. But they may keep using XP for a while, and if they buy a new PC later, it will have Vista installed, so the impact to Mac OS X may be gradual, at best.

  2. This could be the thing that does it. Here you have the company of the richest man on earth trying to squeeze the last drop out of the orange cause they don’t want to miss a thing. Can you spell GREED boys and girls. You’ve got 90+ of the world using your virius infested OS. WIll the hackers and virius spyware makers of the world be able to look inside like MS does? That can’t be good.

  3. I don’t mind Window’s bloat or the fact that I had to buy a new machine just to run Vista. I got over the frustration that gaming has slowed considerably with Vista. And I still have to purge my machine of viruses and other malware regularly. But Microsoft spyware is the last straw, dammit!

  4. The number of people who care about this, or who will even KNOW about this are minimal. And many of the people who will know about it are those who would be able to find the (inevitable) patches to circumvent the issue to begin with.

    In other words, this is a pointless statement. The majority of people will continue to blindly buy “PC’s” with Windows on it from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Dell, etc… because it’s what they know. This “spyware” is a moot point.

  5. I tried Ubuntu

    I downloaded and burned the disk and booted my Mac with it.

    I got a command line right away with all these funky instructions for drivers and other crap.

    Linux is NOT ready for the desktop

    Windows Vista will be cracked just like every version before it was. In fact the reason why Microsoft released public beta’s was to give the crackers plenty of time.

    Microsoft is no dummy, they are not going to allow desktop Linux (or anyone else) to grab the low end of the OS market and work it’s way up.

    Windows Vista will be free, as in in free beer, to anyone who knows where to look.

  6. Good God People!!! Forget Linux! If you want a civilized command line unix environment simply fire up “TERMINAL” in Mac OS X. I’ve installed, compiled, and run all kinds of unix applications under terminal. And Shhhhhhhh!!!! Don’t tell anybody, but when you run the Mac OS X GUI you’re actually running UNIX! And guess what? The Mac GUI with the underlying unix OS is exactly what Linux hopes to achieve SOMEDAY.

  7. D’you think a cleverly written virus could trick the authenticity mechanism into thinking an authentic installation is pirated, thus disabling your machine? That would be problematic.

    MW: Possible — it seems possible, doesn’t it?

  8. I downloaded and burned the disk and booted my Mac with it.

    I got a command line right away with all these funky instructions for drivers and other crap.

    Bashing something you know nothing about i must ask are you republican ?

    People as stupid as this bloke should stick with crayons and a drawing pad, and let the grown ups do the work while he plays all his neat’o direct-x games and pleasures himself with 30 second porn clips from

    Good God People!!! Forget Linux! If you want a civilized command line unix environment simply fire up “TERMINAL” in Mac OS X.

    People that make show their stupidity at this level should kill themself. This fool doesn’t understand that people who do run real unix/linux as well as osx open up a program called xrvt or konsole and accomplish the same thing.

    I read a comment somewhere around here about mac’s compilers and how they have to be patched for this or that, for those too stupid to check versions, mac’s ship with gcc same as any other posix variant out there.

    you people that bash things you know nothing about or act foolish because they get a command prompt and instructions are a terribly sad lot, just because you get a command prompt telling you to press enter or 1, 2, or 3 to continue does not mean something is not ready for the desktop. or a boot: prompt that will switch to autoloading the kernel in a predefined number of seconds/minutes, which also comes in handy if you crash and need to recover your data, rather than having to constanlty do backups every day, or ghost partitions every day because if you don’t and you crash you get locked out of the system, and end up using a linux live cd to access the data, which is something windows is notiorious for, most people are too ignornant to understand all is not lost when this happens and you can save most if not all your data before you wipe out and start over which is another windows trademark.

    The fact remains that MS has stolen most of their “innovative” ideals from Macintosh and the open source community which includes way more than just linux by the way, and still can’t get it right speaks loads for microsoft when less than a month their newest greatest innovation has to be patched out the ass, for security and stability sake on something they’ve been stealing/developing for 5 years. When I can put in a free from threats cd that i’ve downloaded and use the machine heavly for example uptime 405 days, 2:36, 2 users, load averages: 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, compared to rebooting windows everytime something locks up.

    No I won’t put on my Windows Cheerleading Uniform and drink the koolaid made by children that are ammused by cartoon paperclips, and flashy things, the same as I won’t put on my Mac or unix/linux Cheerleading uniform because i know how superior they all 3 are compared to this liquid shit that pours out of redmond washington.

    Grow up children, face reality, sometime it is about productivity, rather than games and flashy icons.

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