BBC: Hackers assault Windows PCs every 15 minutes, ignores obvious solution: Get a Mac

“If every hour a burglar turned up at your house and rattled the locks on the doors and windows to see if he could get in, you might consider moving to a safer neighbourhood,” Mark Ward, Technology Correspondent, writes for BBC News. “And while that may not be happening to your home, it probably is happening to any PC you connect to the net.”

“An investigation by the BBC News website has established the scale of the dangers facing the average net user,” Ward reports.

“Using a computer acting as a so-called ‘honeypot’ the BBC has been regularly logging how many potential net-borne attacks hit the average Windows PC every day,” Ward reports. “When we put this machine online it was, on average, hit by a potential security assault every 15 minutes… However, at least once an hour, on average, the BBC honeypot was hit by an attack that could leave an unprotected machine unusable or turn it into a platform for attacking other PCs… Often once a machine has fallen under someone else’s control, a keylogger will be installed to capture information about everything that the real owner does – such as login to their online bank account. This stolen information is often sold as few of those that steal it have the criminal connections to launder stolen cash.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brit” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Although Ward expends many words documenting the Windows PC mess, he never gets around to the obvious solution; one that he suggested in his opening paragraph: PC users actually can move to a much safer neighborhood, it’s called Apple Macintosh. We are left with two questions: will the world ever learn and what is wrong with the BBC?

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  1. The folk at the BBC are renowned for being bright, well informed, and honest. And fallible as all get-out. They will report violence in the Mid-East in a “Fair and Balanced” way that embarrasses Fox “News” – and has both Israelis and Palastinians crying “foul”. Crossing the PC/Mac border, though … that isn’t obvious. It might be obvious to compare/contrast Dell vs HP vs Gateway, but Macs aren’t “PCs”, now, ARE they. They wouldn’t include a gas BMW 5-series in a report of diesel econoboxes – not the same things at all.
    Besides … they all spend part of their week fighting with their PCs, with BSoDs and malware, and few have any personal experience with a Mac – obviously not the same thing and there’s obviously nothing to report. The report wasn’t about “How Not to Suffer From Attacks on Your PC” but “Your PC is Being Assaulted Daily”. It’s only news if something happens.

    Get with the (MDN MW) program!

  2. DLMeyer you commie! The BBC SUCKS! It’s irresponsible for them not to mention the Mac as an alternative to the Windows mess. They damn well know about Macs, they are in a sweet heart deal with Microsoft, and they intentionally don’t talk about Macs and mislead their audience. Fox News is so far and above that dung heap BBC in reporting as well. You libs hate Fox News because they are fair and balanced. Not commie-terrorist slanted like most of the other news organisations.

  3. Where do you live if you start calling people “Commie”…….what a very dumb thing to say!!! You have to go back to fifties and to a bunghole like McCarthy (not paul..duh) to make up stuff like that. Gee… I could express my feeling about the current US government but that is way of topic here. (It’s the US Gov. that phone taps it’s citizins…go figure.)

    MacB, Netherlands, land of the potsmokers, pedofiles, babykillers and other liberal morons….yeah right: the world is not flat and does not ends near Alabama.

  4. “What happened to Microsoft and ‘Trustworthy Computing’?”

    The program is less about making users safe than it is about making Microsoft’s profits safe by verifying if their copy of Windows is authentic or not.

  5. “commie slanted like most of the other news organisations.”


    all extreme right-wing americans use (or have used) polemical invective like that; be it MacCarthy, George Wallace or the countless unknown, ill-educated, hyper-patriotic red necks.

    If you look, though, at communist societies such as China, or North Korea you’ll notice that they do exactly what you (and of course Bush) probably dream of (in your wet dreams).
    They incarcerate and torture the ‘libs’, i.e. the freedom-loving elements in their respective societies.

    In short, you should have more sympathy for ‘commies’. They’re on your side.

  6. This is all part of the great buildup to the launch of Vista. Expect to see more of these ‘your PC is at risk” stories in the next month or so in the buildup to the lauch.

    Then you will see stories about how that wonderful Mr Gates has ridden to the rescue yet again, protecting innocent people from the dangers posed by those nasty malware authors. Of course you won’t see any mention of the fact that he and MS created the mess in the first place, neither will you read any stories about how Macs have been free from this crap for years.

    What you all forget is that Mr Gates is an FoT (Friend of Tony) and can therefore do no wrong. The UK’s schools are coerced into buying MS stuff. Apart from the elite ones, it’s Universities have long abandoned computer science in favour of training in MS products.

    The idea that Macs can take over against this sort of momentum is risible, unfortunately.

    @Garry: The idea that for all its faults the Beeb is outclassed by Fox News, (the biggest pos ever to defile the airwaves) is plain rubbish

  7. The BBC’s Click progamme on the World Service TV channel recently read a letter that was sent in in response to a piece on “Windows security. What Vista means to you”

    The presenter basically repeated the security through obscurity argument verbatim. I won’t preach to the choir here and shout about the virtues of UNIX over Windows. It’s sad that so many people in the UK still don’t get that computing does not start and end with Redmond’s finest.

    I’m rather annoyed that I’ve just been marginalised on a football service I pay good money for. Suddenly they’ve attached Windows DRM to all their streaming. I’ve emailed them and their response is that I should cancel my subscription.


    There. I feel better now.

    I hope Windows Vista gets hacked to pieces just as much as XP. Until Windows is knocked down to less than 70% of the PC market, attitudes such as the BBC’s will not change.

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