Woz visits Microsoft, speaks to overflow crowd

“Steve Wozniak, the iconic Apple Computer co-founder and technical mind behind the company’s landmark early computers, was in Seattle Friday to promote his autobiography, ‘iWoz,'” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Bishop reports, “His stops included an afternoon speech on the campus of longtime Apple rival Microsoft Corp., where he spoke to an overflow crowd of the Redmond company’s employees.”

Woz spoke with the Seattle P-I Friday morning on various subjects (Segway polo, teaching, pulling pranks, etc.) including:

Q: Do you use other types of computers, as well, or do you stick to Macs?

Wozniak: The only time that I use PCs is when I have to, say, program a little microprocessor for a project, and the tools are only available for a PC. I don’t have to very often go to the PC mode.

Q: On the subject of Microsoft, you’re speaking with employees there later this afternoon. You haven’t been there before.

Wozniak: No, I haven’t. But I’ve never been one of those people that takes a big, strong side. Macintosh versus PC. Hey, my preferred machine, the one I’m comfortable with, is a Macintosh, and I’ve got my reasons, and they’re good reasons. But I don’t try to apply them to everyone else. I was one of those people that would start asking a lot of questions to recommend a type of computer to buy. And some people, just because of the sort of work you do or whatever, or the sort of person that I sense you are, a PC is really going to be more your type.

There’s a certain element of people, too, that’s maybe in the creative or movie world, or the television world and the music world. They almost always turn out that a Macintosh is a better suggestion.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Only Apple Macs can run Mac OS X and, if you must, Windows. Why buy an OS-limited PC when you can get an OS-unlimited Mac?

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  1. I like how he describes his computer choice. That’s the main problem in the computer world – people are so crazed about their OS choice that they take it to some kind of violent and fundamental end. Mac users and PC users. It’s the same problem with politics and religion. How did computer choices end up in that company? Weird.

  2. Woz is a little goofy (did anyone see him on the Colbert Report?) However, I think he’s just those pure science geeks that is always open to other possibilities. I’m a die hard Mac user so I have admit that it does bug me a bit that he doesn’t whole heartedly recommend the Mac but maybe he doesn’t feel he has any real incentive to, ya know?

  3. Macs are better for “creative” people.


    Show me an accountant that isn’t creative with numbers.

    A lawyer creative with interpreting the law.

    A salesmen creative in coming up with ways to sell.

    A computer programmer that isn’t creative with code.

    A gardener that isn’t creative with plants.

    A politician that isn’t creative with lies.

    An entrepreneur that isn’t creative with money making ideas.

    A games player that isn’t creative in his gameplay.

    Let alone amateur musicians, artists, photographers, writers etc etc etc.

    So who does that leave?

    Dumb terminals, Steve Ballmer and Homer Simpson.

  4. MDN is in no position to do a take when it comes to Woz. You guys need to know when something is a legitimate target, and when to shut your mouths.

    This is an example of the latter case. What Woz did is so legendary that he could spend the rest of his life trying to polish turds with fairy floss without impacting on his genius in any way.

  5. “A politician that isn’t creative with lies.”

    Maybe the reason they do lie so much is that they have to try to satisfy a constituency comprised of people who have so many fixed, uncompromising ideas and attitudes. The American people are extremely polarized, dogmatic, and inflexible at the present. The politicians simply reflect what we, the electorate, are like. They are no better, or worse, than the best and the worst among the rest of us.

  6. I like to second what gladcow, Steve and G-Spank said above.

    MDN and apparently some of it supporters need to know when to call it quits with their black and white vitrolism. The MacOS as we know and love it was very much Woz’s work, much more so then Steve Jobs.

    We should be thankfull and show respect for that, and follow on his example of a nuanced and tolerant reality.

  7. If you cannot see that there may be some reasons for some people to use Windows, how can you possibly have any credibility when you advocate Mac?

    I have used both for 15 years. OSX is clearly better, more enjoyable and I get much more work done.

    But if I get stupid about it, and many of you do, and are stupid, no one will listen to you and no one should.

    Simple, when you think about it.

  8. Woz is just using logic, Macs just started to be useful in big business. You needed a PC up until the intel switch. They were slower then shit in enterprise servers, unusable. Logic dictates the use of what platform.

  9. This Macs are better for creative types is complete and absolute BS. I run a large construction company on Macs. They are excellent in everyway. No need for Windows here. Other businesses need to figure this out.

  10. They were slower then shit in enterprise servers, unusable. Logic dictates the use of what platform.

    Comment: Linux is the logical answer, followed by good ol’ Unix. No need for windows on a server at all.

    From: nekogami13

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