RUMOR: Apple ramps production of MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo units for holiday season

“Apple Computer this month has begun to slow production of its existing Core Duo MacBook Pro professional notebooks ahead of refreshed models that will sport Intel Corp’s higher-performance Core 2 Duo microprocessors, AppleInsider has learned,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “While Apple’s online store continues to list immediate availability of Core Duo MacBook Pro models, the company this week is quoting some of its distribution and reseller partners wait times of 2 to 3 weeks for new custom-configured orders.”

“These reports are joined by tips from insiders who say the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is preparing to begin — if it has not done so already — manufacturing ramp of its holiday line of MacBook Pro notebooks… The new models are expected to sport similar specifications to existing models, but exchange their Core Duo microprocessors for Intel’s new Core 2 Duo chips, which run at speeds of up to 2.33GHz dual-core,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “It remains unclear whether Apple will refresh both notebook lines simultaneously, or if it will hold off the introduction of updated 13-inch MacBooks in order to reduce inventories of Core Duo processors.”

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  1. if there is not a big performance boost i dont know that it matters which chip we have in there.
    ALthough i am waiting for the supposed completly revamped redesgined macbook pros and macbooks.
    Apple has always in the past updated the look and style of the computer with each processor upgrade. Such as the g3 blue and white, G4 grey and then silver, the G5 metal. The macbooks are not really much different then the ibooks and neither are the macbook pros. I am waiting a new design something that will blow everything else out of the water. Even the MAc pros look almost identical to the powermac G5s.

    Who knows


  2. “The macbooks are not really much different then the ibooks”
    Say wha???
    MacBooks are totally, utterly different than iBooks! No LCD latch, hard drives that can be changed without removing the top and bottom cases, SATA instead of IDE, keyboards integrated into the shell, Mag-Safe ac adapters and on and on and on.
    Honestly, the only thing MacBook shares with iBook is the fact that they’re both portable and both made of plastic.
    What’ya think Apple could do to make it any more different, maybe build it out of asparagus???

  3. “I am waiting a new design something that will blow everything else out of the water.”

    I have been reading similar statementse with every new line of Mac laptops for years, and I just don’t “get” them.

    Just how much design can you do with a laptop? There really hasn’t been an eyepopping laptop design since the clamshell (whether one liked it or not), which was a triumph (if one can call it that) of form over function.

    Apple’s current line is very clean and minimalist in form, which is what I would expect in any well designed laptop.

    In design work of any kind, there is only so much that can be done before you reach a point where you have to start adding (unnecessary) things to make something look different. Think of the difference between a typical Victorian era house and a modern, contemporary house without all the gingerbread brick-a-brack.

    Or between a sleek MacPro tower and some AlienWare hood ornament monstrosity. There’s a reason they use “alien” in their name Looking different doesn’t mean looking attractive.

  4. Jason, I’m with Bob. The MacBook update was a definite change. The Macbook Pro is relatively the same.

    With intel chips, can you actually expect Apple to change the design with every new chip? In our current situation, the Core 2 Duo doesn’t need a major board change from the Core Duo. So if a chip has the same pin config, don’t expect a change – iMO.

  5. I know they wont change every time but it would be nice to see a design change on the macbook pros.
    Yea the macbooks were a change with the widescreen and so forth but im thinking of a complete redesign like from the imac g3 to G4 to G5. I really am hoping for the kamelan computer that they filed a patent for while back. I really miss the colors. White and black and silver are ok and i would not trade my Mac for ANY WINDOWS PC on the market. I just see colors in the PC market now (which mac started) and would love to see the colors again in the Mac world. I love my macbook pro dont get me wrong. Just wondering when they will do a major redesign again.
    Anyone know what ever happen to the kamelan project?

  6. Jason, the Macbook enclosure will not be changed as the design is only 4 months old. What you will see is the Macbook Pro adopting some of the inovative features of the current Macbook like the magnetic latch. About changing designs with chip upgrades: The iMac, Mac Mini, And Mac Pro all look almost identical to their ppc predecessors. The only product to get a new look with the intel chip has been the MacBook. What I’m hoping for is a black anodized aluminum Macbook Pro.

  7. The only thing I see changing would be a different type of finish, i.e. more scratch resistant or something. Otherwise, as far as a laptop goes, you would just want it to be thinner, lighter, cooler or have longer battery life. Innovative stuff like the mag-latch or the glow-in-the-dark keyboard aren’t going to change the appearance that much. I doubt will see the Darth Vader laptops Apple used to have.

  8. If you can wait on a laptop purchase for a few months, I would. These first versions of the Core 2 Duo are not much different than the Core Duo chips. The next revision will have much faster front side buses and larger caches. Wait if you can.

    BUT, both the Macbook and Macbook Pro are MUCH better than the old iBooks and Powerbooks.

    M.W. = “take” as in Cubert’s take.

  9. I just bought a MacBook and I love it. I thought of delaying my purchase until the update but I’m glad I didn’t wait. The 50% performance upgrade isn’t that important to me because I don’t use all of my processor power as it is. If it was a 50% reduction in energy consumption, then I would have buyer’s remorse.
    What I AM excited to see is the Santa Rosa platform Intel is planning. Integrated Flash memory, 800 MHz frontside bus, rumored HSDPA (3g wireless), lower power consumption, and maybe a blu-ray option. That will kick the poly-carbonate plastic of of my MacBook.

  10. Cubert,

    “These first versions of the Core 2 Duo are not much different than the Core Duo chips.”

    You’re kidding right? Core 2 Duo is a completely new 64bit architecture. It’s as big a jump as Pentium 3 to Pentium 4!

  11. leodavinci

    Different or better could also mean:





    more durable

    one great and welcomed difference between the Victorian era house and a modern one is insulation. Lets not close the patent office again because once more we feel nothing else can be invented

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