Microsoft Office 2007 for Mac won’t be available until latter half of 2007

“First the good news: Microsoft Office 2007 for Mac will feature an all-new look and feel to match Mac OS X’s interface evolution, and enhanced features, while running natively on the new Intel Macs,” John O’Brien reports for Reuters.

“Now for the bad news: It won’t be available till the latter half of 2007,” O’Brien reports. “Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit group product manager Mary Starman recently met some Aussie journalists at the unit’s headquarters on the MS campus in Seattle. There she revealed some details about the new version of arguably the most important software package on the Mac.”

O’Brien reports, “The Mac version will hit shelves six to eight months after Windows users get their version. That makes it up to a year away, and 3½ half years after Office 2004 for Mac.”

Full article here.

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  1. Pages is a beautiful app and I’m enjoying using it more than I ever did the bloated Word…

    So we just need that spreadsheet.

    Funny this article appearing just after the Adobe one…

    Mac becoming more and more self sufficient hey?

  2. The only question I have is whether there will be any compatibility issues between the new PC version and the current Mac Office version. That would be terrible for Mac users or any PC users who works with someone using a Mac. However, I could see how that could REALLY be helpful to Microsoft since it would take away a big marketing point of Apple’s: that of file interoperability.

    I am a “slider:” meaning I use a PC at work and a Mac at home; and I transfer files between these machines constantly. If they aren’t fully interoperable it will be a major pain for me.

    Has anyone heard whether Microsoft has a statement on this?

  3. When I first got into the instrucion business, I wondered why our firm was using Word,as opposed to a dtp application.

    Then I learned how to use it. Word is incredibly powerful.

    Yes it has feature bloat, but 99% of users never learn to:

    1) Organize their toolbars to put frequently used commands at their fingertips

    2) Put the toolbars at the perimeter of the desktop (1 at the top, 1 on the left, 1 on the right side, 1 at the bottom) to obey Fitt’s Law

    3) Save the toolbar arrangement to the global document template and take it with you, so you can have exactly the same arrangement when you go to a different workstation.

    4) Properly use text styles

    5) Use page breaks instead of hard returns to create a new page

    I hated Word until I learned to use it.

  4. Oh, so MS is actually going to release another Office for Mac – Ooohhh – I thought they were just saying that but really intended to cut the product and the entire MS Macintosh development team. I see, I misunderstood.

  5. I am a “slider:” meaning I use a PC at work and a Mac at home; and I transfer files between these machines constantly. If they aren’t fully interoperable it will be a major pain for me.

    MS isn’t even fully compatible between the Windows versions of office, they change the format with every revision.

  6. All I can hope is that they’re taking their time to do it right, sadly I doubt it. It would be nice if they could show off something though, I know Apple don’t but Microsoft haven’t had any problems “showing off” anything and everything to do with Vista etc.

  7. And of course, when it does arrive it’ll be a UB version, where you’ll be able to seperate your Corporate documents from your Personal ones into different windows, but no other features different from the previous version.

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  8. The hell with them…

    It’s time to stop using M$’s crap and start using Apple’s Pages or for that matter go back to using AppleWorks – there is even something called NeoOffice that works great.

    I did and Pages is great, easy to use and works wonders, while AppleWorks is still chugs along. But the real sleeper is something called NeoOffice, a version of OpenOffice which was designed for Mac OS X with the look and feel of Office/Word – it’s a suite of word tools, it works great and can read and write to and from Fike/Word – so who really needs M$’s crap anymore?

    And yes I use them all three for business with little or no hassle these days.

    Pages is my newest addition to my business toolbox and with less than two week of experience I have just published my companies newsletter using Pages and my clients can’t believe I did it myself last weekend. The feed back is unbelievable – it’s a winner and it’s going to make me a lot of money in the long run.

    For the first time in a long time I got to focus on content and not on how to issues while spending less time doing the task at hand. I may even start to publish the newsletter monthly – the bottom line I enjoyed doing the newsletter and it showed.

    Now I’m working on promotional materials for my different product lines. I just redid one that make the manufacturers offering look bad – now the manufacturer wants to know how I did it.

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