The Channel Checkers: Apple iPod recommended by over 73% vs. other MP3 players

“Apple iPod Nano 2GB dominated our survey, including results from India and Sri Lanka this time. Sandisk and Sony showed up twice but collectively all other non-apple brands fared poorly in our survey. We believe that all the MP3 players recommended are NAND flash based and not HDD,” The Channel Checkers reports.

The Channel Checkers reports, “To us it looks like Apple continues to dominate with retail vendors and their sales staffs.”

See survey results (Apple iPod model recommended by 22 of the 30 retailers surveyed) here.

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  1. Man, that linked article is short on details. How was the survey conducted, and what was the survey question asked? How did they select stores to contact?

    This kind of info is important, otherwise, this article is worthless.

    By the way, I own 3 iPods, and my wife has 2. Between the two of us, we’ve purchased 8 different iPods.

  2. Jo Ma,

    When you think tech savvy, rapidly developing economy, huge population, little Macintosh computer use, what country comes to mind. India. Yes, this is huge for Apple. Where iPod popularity goes, Macintosh popularity will hopefully follow. Sri Lanka is indeed a much smaller country as you cleverly pointed out, but one with close geographical proximity and (for at least a portion of the population) cultural ties.

    I think you were trying to be funny, but sarcasm is not the same as humor when the punchline is confused.

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