Mossberg: Apple’s new iPod+iTunes are ‘better products at better prices’

“Next month marks the fifth anniversary of one of the most successful products of the digital era, Apple Computer’s iPod music player. Since 2001, potential iPod-killers have come and gone like autumn foliage. Apple claims an astonishing 76% market share in the U.S. for the iPod and an equally amazing 88% share of the U.S. legal music download market for its companion iTunes online store. Over 60 million iPods and 1.5 billion songs have been sold,” Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret report for The Wall Street Journal.

“This holiday season Apple has made some of the biggest changes to the iPod and iTunes in years. It has redesigned the iPod Nano and Shuffle, cut prices and/or raised capacities on all models, introduced a new iPod search feature, added color games and movie playback to the full-sized iPod, and more. Plus, it has given the iTunes software its biggest overhaul ever, making the software both simpler and more fun to use,” Mossberg and Boehret report. “Oh, and it has started selling downloadable feature films, which can be played on computers, iPods, and, soon, via a forthcoming new device, on TV sets.”

“We’ve been testing the new iPods and iTunes for several weeks… Our verdict: the new iPods are more versatile and less costly than ever, but the new iTunes software is an even bigger improvement, although it has one big downside — its coolest new feature [CoverFlow] is so graphically demanding that it doesn’t work right on some older computers,” Mossberg and Boehret report.

“In addition to viewing full-length movies on the full-sized iPod, you can now play classic color games, such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Bejeweled, Poker and Mahjong. Apple sells these games via iTunes for $4.99 each,” Mossberg and Boehret report. “In our tests, playing even very familiar games with a scroll wheel instead of a mouse or joystick took some adjustment. But, eventually, we got the hang of it, and the color and detail of the games on the iPod’s screen was impressive.”

Mossberg and Boehret report, “It’s impossible to know if Apple can sustain its remarkably high market shares in the face of new competition, but it is going into the battle with better products at better prices.”

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  1. It’s true that products in general seem to be getting better. But I love that Apple isn’t standing still. I have a hunch that they may actually accelerate into various different directions, developing the foundation they’d laid so far. They are extending the reach of the Mac (and pc’s actually) throughout the house. There’s a lot to be developed to make our homes their own sort of digital hubs.

  2. “Mossberg: Apple’s new iPod+iTunes are ‘better products at better prices’”

    Well, duh.

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    Zune you, buttmunch.
    They really took it in the zune on that one.
    What a load of zune.
    They want to zune you how much?
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    I could taste that nasty zune in my mouth all day.
    I’m too zunaphobic to go there again.
    What a freakin’ zunatic!
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    I got zune all over me and it won’t wash out.

  3. its coolest new feature [CoverFlow] is so graphically demanding that it doesn’t work right on some older computers

    How old are we talking about? My 3-year-old 1GHz PowerMac with 1.5 GB memory runs CoverFlow without the slightest stutter.

  4. Walt know that iPod is the worst mp3 player and that everyone makes a better device for less money that people that buy them are just lemmings?

    Man, you’d think a tech writer would keep on the some of posts on MDN, particularly the one from which I gleaned the above information. Threw out my iPods last night, in fact, and am trying to figure out how to get Napster to work on my Mac! Am eager to start downloading device drivers ASAP!

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