Google CEO: ‘Apple is engaged in probably the most remarkable second act ever seen in technology’

In an interview with TIME, CEO Eric Schmidt offered some comments regarding Apple Computer, Inc.

You recently joined Apple’s board. What interests you about the company?
Schmidt: This is a personal thing. If you’re a director, it’s a personal commitment. Apple is an innovator in its own space. Apple is engaged in probably the most remarkable second act ever seen in technology. Its resurgence is simply phenomenal and extremely impressive.

Would you like to see more partnering between Google and Apple?
Schmidt: Well of course, but we’re already partnered with them.

Full article here.

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  1. Apple is already partnered with Google via the built-in Google search inside Apple’s Safari web browser.

    Apple probably makes serveral million a quarter due to using Google as the default, built-in search.

    “How does that work?” you may be asking.

    1. Google pays Apple $.xx per search used in Safari.
    2. Google gets people using it’s default search engine and lands those people on Google search result pages.
    3. On those pages are Google ads. Ahhh… Has the light gone off yet? If not, proceed to 4.
    4. People click on those Google ads, and once those are clicked on, Google makes bank.

    Google is shelling out pennies, but reaping great rewards in doing so.


  2. I’d just like to thank all the Apple employees (not just Steve) who work so incredibly hard to impress me with new hardware and software to keep me as a customer and be proud to use their products.

    Whether I am awake or sleep, work hard or am lazy, these guys and gals work out what I want before I even know, work out how to build it, work out how to package it, they leave it to Steve to present it, then when I buy it Apple shares go up.

    Magic word ‘all’: as in thank you all.

  3. Steve Ballmer – Damp in the winter because it is perpetually raining in the NW – Damp in the summer because he has an excitable personality and enormous sweat glands.

    Perpetually damp. or moist. or gooey. Probably some new type of fungus growing on him.

  4. Apple+Google=World Technology Domination.

    Google can help Apple with content for iTV (movies, Internet TV channels, video conferencing) and the iPhone (GPS, web content, e-mail, streaming video channels, chat, VOIP). Googleplexes become master hubs for streaming content over the Internet such as Internet TV channels and movie, song downloads, VOIP. Google will have unlimited storage capacity. Apple designs the front end (OS) and hardware consumer devices with Intel. Google provides the backend, content and provides server application support and storage.

    Microsoft? Still working on Vista bugs and security.

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