Google CEO: ‘Apple is engaged in probably the most remarkable second act ever seen in technology’

In an interview with TIME, CEO Eric Schmidt offered some comments regarding Apple Computer, Inc.

You recently joined Apple’s board. What interests you about the company?
Schmidt: This is a personal thing. If you’re a director, it’s a personal commitment. Apple is an innovator in its own space. Apple is engaged in probably the most remarkable second act ever seen in technology. Its resurgence is simply phenomenal and extremely impressive.

Would you like to see more partnering between Google and Apple?
Schmidt: Well of course, but we’re already partnered with them.

Full article here.

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  1. It might be old news, but to have the head of such a golden child like Google to praise Apple so glowingly just adds to the new Apple halo that has appeard under Steve’s leadership.

    This truly is the second golden age of Apple and it’s clear that Microsoft has been clearly caught off guard in a culture of the 90’s where Apple has just sped right by.

  2. How about letting us remove the damn google field?
    I already use google via sogudi so why would i need an additional field to do instant searching? Does anyone know of a way to remove it without modifing the nib?

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