Steve Jobs to deliver keynote address at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2007 on January 9th

IDG World Expo today announced that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, will deliver the opening keynote address for Macworld Conference & Expo. Macworld will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center January 8-12, 2007, and the keynote address will be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at Moscone West.

“Steve’s keynote is always a great way to kick off the biggest Mac event of the year,” said David Korse, CEO of IDG World Expo, in the press release. “We’ve added several new features to this year’s event, and we’re working hard to make this the most entertaining and informative Macworld ever.”

Macworld Conference and Expo 2007 will host creative professionals from a cross-section of industries including design, print, online, photography, broadcast, videography and music. In addition to an exhibit floor featuring over 350 companies, the event will offer a conference with over 120 educational sessions, and an innovative set of exhibit floor attractions including a free training series, an interactive Digital Photography area and live Music and Sound product demonstrations.

Event highlights, conference agenda and registration information are available on the Macworld Conference & Expo Web site at


  1. Maybe this announcement was to quash all the upcoming “Jobs on his deathbed” rumors.

    Just put in my registration — going to do the Digital Photography Day this year instead of Users Conference. And they’ve got a new after-party on Tuesday night so I’m going to splurge and stay over at the Marriott for one night. Should be a blast…

  2. Here’s what I want to see/hear him say:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I promise we will return to the days when we helped, supported, and otherwise treated our customers as the most important people in the world, upon whom our very survival depends.”

  3. Steve continues…

    “Our goal is zero crashes and freezes, total performance, speed, and performance as you expect. We will make our boast of: “It Just Works” a reality.”

    “I’m sorry we have let you down. Those days are over.”

  4. And continues…

    “Our standard as a company will not be that we are better than Microsoft or other competitors – it will be that we will be a good as we can be and should be out of respect for you and a goal of total excellence.”

  5. Mark, Nice take on Apple and the marketing.

    Peterson, Dude, lighten up. We’re not talking about Cancer therapy here or efforts to stem the genocide in Darfur. We’re talking about computers…and pretty d*%# good ones at that. So please… get a grip.

  6. I appreciate the words. Now, if that is what arrives, then I can stand on my soap box and say “I ‘m the king of Cupertino!” (Surry, couldn’t resist).

    But these predictions, and as clear as they might look now, typically, they end up being way off base…

    Being that way off base is likely to occurr, I will simply cover my tracks by stating this is what Apple “wanted” to do, but engineering fell behind, so Steve did what he could do with what he had. ; )

    If this by chance is what does come down, ICS (Inventory Control Specialists) and Channel Marketing folks will have their work cut out for them during the following quarters…

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