Fetch 5.1.1 released

Fetch 5.1.1, a Mac OS X FTP/SFTP client, is now available. This release features numerous improvements and bug fixes. In particular:

• Added support for SOCKS 5 password authentication
• Fixed a bug that prevented Fetch from opening on case-sensitive file systems
• Fixed a bug that prevented Fetch from opening on Mac OS X 10.3.9 when the BSD subsystem wasn’t installed
• Fixed problems importing shortcut files that include broken shortcuts
• Fixed widget crash on Mac Pros and iMac Core 2 Duos
• Fixed crash in Get Specified Fetch Items action on Mac Pros and iMac Core 2 Duos
• Fixed recent connections so they won’t remember passwords that are not stored in the keychain

You can download 5.1 by choosing “Check for Update…” from the Fetch menu in an earlier version, or via: http://fetchsoftworks.com/Fetch5.dmg

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  1. Yes, I agree Transmit is better, however some of us have Fetch 10-User licenses a.k.a. already vested in Fetch. But for FTP usage, strong recommendation for Transmit if you are not already committed to Fetch. Why Apple doesn’t have a better built-in FTP client is beyond me.

  2. The Mac menu item “Go” > “Connect to Server” is very easy and simple but it can only view files, not transfer them. How hard would THAT be?!

    .Mac works just fine from the Finder.
    Just like the cute iWeb features, Apple is trying to force people to use their waaaaaay overpriced .Mac services. My account expires in 40 days and it will die on the vine. I’d renew in a heartbeat if Apple was a true server and allowed domain registration and administration, 99 email accounts, etc., similair to GoDaddy’s $49/yr service.

    Personally, I’d much rather have a very low tech FTP. I use Fetch and never use any of the functions other than dragging and dropping, and “Delete”. (Any suggestions?)

    In this age of EveryOnesGotTheirOwn.com, to have the Mac OS work seamlessly as a FTP directly from the Finder would be a braindead simple to add function. But, for some reason, Steve and Co. has the Microsoft greed bug with their precious .Mac. Let it go boys! I’d think attracting everyone that owns a .com to buy a Mac, for its simplicity in domain management, is more important than trying to hawk your feeble .Mac wares to existing Mac users.

  3. SFTP built into the finder would be sweet. The finder sucks majorly though so SFTP is probably far down the fix-it list 🙁
    Now that all the macs hare more than one core, HOW ABOUT THREADING THE FSCKING FINDER? networking shouldn’t lock up the entire finder! fix it now apple n00bs!

  4. I’ve used Fetch for years, and it works great. Probably because I am so used to Fetch, I have not tried the others that everyone else speaks of…but for those that are looking for a good FTP client, you can’t go wrong using Fetch.

    Is there a bad FTP client for Mac out there? I haven’t heard of one.

    Then again I am God…I’m sure its on the backburner somewhere.

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