Apple Retail Store plan for Boston’s Back Bay hits snag

“The owner of a neighboring building is blocking Apple Computer’s plans to remove this fire escape, which leads to a building Apple wants to raze for a new Back Bay store,” Brian Kladko reports for The Boston Business Journal.

“Apple Computer Inc.’s seemingly smooth drive toward opening a gleaming store on Boylston Street in the Back Bay has hit a roadblock, and it has nothing to do with clashing architectural styles. The problem? A humble fire escape,” Kladko reports.

Kladko reports, “The owner of a neighboring building has withheld consent to Apple’s plan to remove an exterior staircase that extends from the neighbor’s third and fourth floors to the roof of the building Apple wants to demolish.”

Full article with free photo (paid subscription required for full text) here.

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  1. That’s how things work in Boston…If you don’t want something moving next to you, take advantage of one of the many complicated local zoning, planning or building code regulations to put the brakes to any unwanted development. That fire escape is probably unsafe (like so many are), but is grandfathered and removing it will force the owner of the neighboring building to pay for a new state-of-the-art fire protection system.

  2. Big Whoop. Apple can afford to pay for a re-routed fire escape staircase. They probably have offered this. I suspect there is more to this fact-less story. Don’t burn down the building….burn the write of this useless story at the stake!

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