Intel working with Apple on several next-generation technologies, Microsoft concerned

Computer Reseller News’ (CRN) Paula Rooney has conducted an inteview with Intel Senior VP and General Manager of the Digital Enterprise Group, Pat Gelsinger. Some of the discussion involved Apple Computer:

CRN: Intel shared the stage at IDF with Apple. How will Intel’s relationship with Apple evolve in 2007, or is the cooperation mostly finished?
GELSINGER: It’s far from done. Let’s take it in phases. First was the honeymoon, where we won Apple as a customer. The second phase was execution and getting products done and, third, we just finished that. The MacBook Pro was the last product. We just finished the birthing. We’ve just gotten that done, but a number of projects are under way with Apple on next-generation technologies — but I can’t detail those. Apple is very secretive, even to us. It’s the nature of the company.

CRN: Has Microsoft expressed concern about the Intel-Apple pairing or frowned at your relationship with yet another new operating-system vendor besides Linux?
GELSINGER: Well, certainly, of course. They look at it that way. But our response [to Microsoft] is that we have a customer that wants to use our silicon. Of course we support them. At the same time, I’d say our Microsoft relationship is as good if not better than it has been in our 20-year history.

CRN: Do you expect Vista to drive a big PC refresh in 2007?
GELSINGER: We are expecting a positive [increase in PC sales]. A big refresh would clearly be overstating it.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. re: dial tone,

    “…It’s bad when a goddamned PHONE company out-codes a software giant!…”

    Well, I have no problems with phone companies doing coding, given the fact that the origin of UNIX, was actually coded by a phone company, Bell Labs (then AT&T).

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