Apple to shift iPod production more heavily to Inventec vs. Quanta

“Apple Computer will focus its new video iPod orders at Inventec rather than distributing to both Inventec and Quanta Computer, according to component makers cited in a Chinese-language Commercial Times report,” Esther Lam reports for DigiTimes.

“A production bottleneck at Quanta is said to be the major cause of the order adjustment, said the paper,” Lam reports. “In the fourth quarter, Inventec is scheduled to ship one million video iPods a month while Quanta is expected to ship 300,000-400,000 units a month.”

Full article here.


  1. So if Inventec ships 1,000,000 a month and Quantac ships 300,000 per month thats a total of about 4 million video ipods shipping for the December quarter. That means that Apple has to sell 10,0000,000 nano’s and shuffles just to meet the 14 million total units of last years December quarter… I hope they can do it.

  2. 14 million this quarter? I’d love to see them double that number just to shut up all the analysis saying the iPod is dying. Remember last year Apple ran out of most iPods by the 2nd week of December. They would have easily sold a few more million but no one had them in stock. So do you think the iPods are as hot this year as they were last year?

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