Computerworld Mac user tries Microsoft’s Windows Vista on Apple MacBook Pro

“Earlier this month, when I found I could install Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) on my MacBook Pro, I quickly took the plunge, practically chortling at the thought that my dual-core laptop could run Microsoft’s next operating system,” Ken Mingis reports for Computerworld by way of Macworld UK. “What better way to show that when you buy a Mac you get two computers in one?”

Mingis reports, “I’ve been using Vista off and on for a couple of weeks now, but I’m not chortling as much.”

“The MacBook Pro is fine. Yes, it runs hotter than normal on Vista and battery life is greatly reduced. That’s no surprise. Vista isn’t exactly optimised for Mac use, and the drivers that Apple supplies with its Boot Camp software don’t work in Microsoft’s upcoming OS,” Mingis reports. “But how is it to use? One of the first things a longtime Mac user will notice about Windows is the look. This isn’t your father’s (or mother’s) Windows. It’s superficially Mac-like – as if Microsoft, rather than coming up with a more original look for its OS – decided to offer its take on Mac OS X’s interface. Apple’s UI is called Aqua. Microsoft calls its interface Aero. Hmmmm.”

“If you’re familiar with Apple’s bright white-and-turquoise look, you’ll notice similarities,” Mingis reports. “There’s even a ‘sidebar’ that, while it functions differently than OS X’s dock, looks similar at first glance. (The little applications that run in the sidebar in Vista are called ‘gadgets’ the little apps that run as part of Expose in OS X are ‘widgets’.) Aqua and Aero. Gadgets and widgets. What’s that line about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Widgets run in Mac OS X’s Dashboard, not Exposé.

Mingis continues, “What’s next: Sony trying to devise a laptop that looks like a Macbook?”

MacDailyNews Note: See related article Sony copies Apple Macbook with shockingly derivative VAIO N10 – September 20, 2006

Mingis continues, ” The result of Microsoft’s lengthy development effort is a glassy, glossy version of Windows with eye-catching bling, yielding a shimmering look that I actually like. I should. I’ve been using something like it on Mac OS X for five years… Perhaps most annoying is the fact that millions of Windows users will be delighted by the new look of Windows when it’s released next year, blissfully unaware that Mac users have enjoyed bling for years.”

Mingis is “more enamored of Vista’s Flip 3D feature, which basically takes all of the open windows on your desktop, stands them up on end and stacks them in a way that you can cycle through to the one you want to use. It’s similar to what Apple’s Expose does. In Mac OS X, all of the open windows are arranged in a two-dimensional way that makes it easy to see what’s in each one. But it’s not as visually appealing. Both do pretty much the same thing; Vista’s method wins on aesthetics.”

MacDailyNews Take: Aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder, but Vista’s method fails in productivity. Typical. See related article Microsoft botches another copy job: Windows Vista Flip3D vs. Apple Mac OS X Exposé – June 26, 2006

Windows Vista is a “new operating system that is more secure than its predecessor, looks great on the surface and no doubt has a plethora of under-the-hood changes, but one that leaves the casual user frequently frustrated. I joked with a Computerworld colleague that I’d wrap up my report by noting that users who like Windows XP will love Vista,” Mingis reports. “Noting the various issues Vista presents, he shot back: ‘Don’t be so sure.'”

Full article here.

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  2. I am patiently awaiting Satan’s latest operating system. This “Vista” as he calls it…I can imagine that it is nothing more than Windows XP with some stickers covering up the blemishes.

    The fact to the matter is, when it comes to creating a superior OS…look no further than the Heavens for your answer.

    Notice that the Aqua color in OSX looks strikingly like a blue sky? Blue sky and puffy clouds are synonomous with Heaven. Clever, no? I did that.

    Look Lucy…give it up. I realize that you have the majority of the weanies out there addicted to your XP spell, but its just a matter of time before quality wins over, and weanies become enlightened. I win all the time.


  3. I repeat my earlier prediction: the release of Vista will be a non-event. Practically no one is excited by Vista, software geeks and hardcore gamers being the sole exceptions. And it’s not surprising. Microsoft has created a world of computer users who settle for Windows, who feel no passion for it, who don’t even really like it, but figure there’s nothing better.

    Most people will adopt Vista when they buy a new computer that has it installed. Businesses will slowly migrate to Vista after a few years have passed.

    In other words, it will be just like what happened with XP.

  4. I think the potential limitations of the current implementation of Expose will be greatly minimized by Spaces, the virtual desktop solution to be included in Leopard.

    Spaces is, in effect, one more level of organization on top of Expose, and Microsoft appears to have no plans to include such a feature.

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