The Wall Street Journal interviews Apple co-founder Woz

“In the mid-1970s, Steve Wozniak built the Apple I and then launched Apple Computer Inc. in 1976 with Steve Jobs. Now, Mr. Wozniak has written a memoir, ‘iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It.’ The book, co-written with Gina Smith, a journalist, and published by W.W. Norton & Co., explains how a super smart kid with a fondness for transistors and diodes transformed business and culture,” Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Trachtenberg writes, “Mr. Wozniak, 56 years old, doesn’t mind telling readers he was usually the brainiest guy in the room — as well as the most socially inept. Imagine this: His high school principal was actually furious after discovering a ticking electronic metronome attached to batteries labeled ‘contact explosive’ inside a school locker. To create extra thrills, Mr. Wozniak had rigged the metronome ‘with a switched resistor to start ticking faster when someone opened up the locker door.’ After being caught, Mr. Wozniak spent the night in juvenile detention. ‘I shouldn’t have smiled,’ he says.”

Trachtenberg writes, “Mr. Wozniak is still an employee of Apple Computer, representing the company at industry events, but sees himself primarily as a philanthropist and a teacher. (An Apple spokesman declined to comment on Mr. Wozniak’s role.) Meanwhile, his old partner Mr. Jobs declined to write a forward [sic] for the book. “He may have had a lack of time,” says Mr. Wozniak. Most recently, Mr. Wozniak helped launch Acquicor Technology Inc. with two former Apple Computer employees. On Tuesday, Acquicor agreed to acquire Jazz Semiconductor Inc. for $260 million.”

Woz spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg from his home in Los Gatos, California.

Full interview here.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Woz is Apple Emplyee #1 according to his ID Badge. Steve wanted #1 but wasn’t allowed to have it, so he claimed #0 instead.

    Woz has been gone from the day to day operations at Apple for 20+ years, but has come back to consult and rally the troops on occasion.

    He has stated that he wants to always be an employee of Apple, no matter what else he does.


  2. The man has a place in history, I for one will buy his book, the interiew sounds nice,

    I liked this “I’m happy with how it worked out. I think I did the most constructive things I could inside Apple, that I was better off doing what I was good at and letting other people do what they were good at. I had no experience in marketing. I was an engineer. If you don’t know something, trust other people who have spent their life doing it. I’m glad I was able to build the computers and work on some great engineering projects”

    and I read in another interview, where he said “the best thing Apple did was bring back Steve Jobs”

  3. Woz is sacred ground as much as Steve Jobs. The Ying and the Yang.
    Like Lennon and McCartney each half has greatness but put together, the world gets changed. We would not be typing here if it were not for Woz’s genius.

    In my respected genius list, he’s right behind Einstein.

  4. I agreee with DBS, Woz was a one trick pony. he never did anything after the drive for the Apple II and must be kind of a drag to have him talking to the media pretending he still has anything to do with Apple. I bet he still has to sign up at the reception desk if he wants to see anyone.

  5. without woz, Apple wouldnt have got started.

    like previous posters have pointed out, he was an absolutely critical part of Apples creation.

    he engineered things to extremely tight deadlines and was widely admired among his peers for his genius in making beautiful code.

    Do not make the mistake of dismissing someone because they have the guts to change direction and live their life the way they want to. Hes earnt his freedom, he can do with it as he wishes.

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