Nintendo’s Wii on Toys ‘R’ Us hot holiday list

“Toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us has unveiled its ‘hot toy’ list for the upcoming holiday season, and this year it includes a video game console for the first time — Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Wii,” Nicole Maestri reports for Reuters.

Maestri reports, “Wii’s inclusion in the list comes as electronics play an increasingly prominent role in children’s toys.”

“Nintendo’s Wii will make its U.S. debut on November 19 in what is expected to be a hot holiday season for video game consoles, with Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 slated to hit U.S. stores November 17,” Maestri reports. “The Wii, priced at $250, features a motion-sensing controller that operates like a television remote control and lets players simulate swinging a bat, sword or tennis racquet.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Not Apple-related, but may be interesting to some MDN readers. We’re going to follow the story of Nintendo’s Wii for pretty obvious reasons.

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  1. “The Wii, priced at $250, features a motion-sensing controller that operates like a television remote control and lets players simulate swinging a bat, sword or tennis racquet.”

    Does your TV remote do anything when you swing it around? Mine sure doesn’t.

  2. Don’t see why you’re supporting the Wii. The PS3 is clearly the best in terms of overall graphics and fun (plays a much larger library of games) for a bit more. Like the Mac (a bit more for better quality, better OS etc.) The Wii may be innovative though but I think you’re just biased against Sony.

  3. I had an Intellivision, A Colecovision (with Atari-emulating adapter)and still have a Rev A Atari Lynx handheld. Computer-wise, I had a Bowmar, a Commodore VIC & 64, A Ti 99 4a, an Apple II GS and various Macs over the years.

    I know what you mean. The games lost my interest when they got less arcade like and needed a 50 page manual to play. The Wii does look cool. Put me down for one with the next Tony Hawk game.

  4. Biscuit, what are you talking about?
    PS3 will cost $600… that’s obscene for a GAME machine. That’s a LOT more, not a bit more.
    Second, what do you mean is best in terms of “fun?” How in the world can you even measure that? Oh, do you mean it will be “fun” because of graphics?
    Last I checked, graphics mean nothing in terms of a game’s success. This idea that better graphics equates better games is such BS and the reason the game industry is so GD lackluster right now. The kiddies are all worried about “graphics” and forget what it is that makes games great. Remember a little game called “Tetris?” NOTHING to do with graphics. Entirely has to do with concept.
    Fourth, the library thing. You do know that Wii can play games from all Nintendo’s past consoles plus Sega and Turbographix games, right??? Now that’s selection.
    In terms of the console market, I think Sony is clearly in the most trouble. It has an overpriced unit that will be available in short supply that amounts to nothing more than a PS2 with prettier graphics and a Bluray DVD player. Well yippee. Good for them.
    Interesting too, I might add, that both Microsuck and Sony are both losing TONS of money on their consoles, yet Nintendo will make money from the first unit on.
    Wii will be huge. It will be sold to nongamers and those of us who haven’t bough a game system in years because the industry is so stagnant and predictable.

  5. Apple and Nintendo are similar in a lot of ways. Both make superior hardware and software, both face off daily against larger competitors with more market share, both have hardcore supporters who appreciate the quality products attention to detail.

    Additonally, both have a philosphy of doing what they feel is right, regardless of what focus groups would say. Sometimes, they are wrong (Virtual Boy, Newton). And sometimes, they are right (iPod, Gameboy). Both own handheld markets not by virtue of an illegal monopoly, but by having built a better mousetrap.

    Both regularly take risks, with the rest of their respective industries sitting back and waiting to see what happens. Apple was the first to drop floppy drives, to kill CRT monitors, etc. Nintendo has now based its entire strategy on an untested controller, building ALL launch titles to incorporate the new motion sensing technology.

    Thanks to MDN for covering the Wii. I’ll be very interested to see what happens next!

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