Could Apple become king of game consoles?

“For all the hype about iTV, here’s another potential application: iGames,” Aaron Ruby writes for Next Generation. “Could Steve Jobs and co really have their eye on the console market?”

“As summer turns to fall and the phosphor-lit leaves of the current stand of next-gen consoles begin to turn decidedly ‘This Gen,’ we already know that the scramble by Microsoft and Sony to put a digital Trojan horse into every living room in America has evolved into the greatest business story that never happened,” Ruby writes. “In both cases, these companies have shrieked so loudly and so long about their plans to capture the Holy Grail of Digital Convergence that pretty soon people are going to start lobbing cattle at them. Maybe, then, Nintendo really got it right when it started dressing up the DS like an iPod.”

Ruby writes, “Maybe the advent of iGames, the introduction of iTV, and the application for a patent covering handhelds with more than one touch-sensitive region are really the sawing sounds of building a new… Trojan… Apple. According to Disney chief Bob Iger, the iTV wireless streaming media device will have a hard drive. He recently said ‘It’s a small box about the size of a novel, and not War and Peace, by the way. It plugs into the television like any other peripheral would, like a DVD device. It’s wireless. It detects the presence of computers in your home; in a very simple way you designate the computer you want to feed it and it wirelessly feeds whatever you downloaded on iTunes which include videos, TV, music videos, movies or your entire iTunes music library to your television set.'”

Ruby writes, “It’s very possible video card drivers could be written so that graphic output data could be sent to a network port instead of the monitor connected to the card. That opens the possibility of using iTV and a wireless controller to remotely play Mac/PC games (*cough* WoW *cough*) in your living room.”

“Convenient then, that on September 7, 2006, Apple filed a patent application for a handheld electronic device with ‘multiple touch-sensitive devices.’ Sure, the primary application of the patent is likely to layer a touch screen over the iPod’s display, but applications that involve improving gaming control with Apple products is not far-fetched,” Ruby writes. “It would be truly ironic if a Trojan Apple rolled out of Cupertino. Instead of using games to gain convergence, Jobs and company may just use music and video to wrap up games into a neat set-top bundle. And the cultural ubiquity of the iPod brand certainly wouldn’t hurt iTV’s aspirations to breach our living room walls. After all, it was an apple that started Homer’s great war.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

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  1. Not going to happen. Apple doesn’t know anything about video gaming and they would be completely incompetent in that market for many years. It makes about as much sense for Apple to go into the business of manufacturing washing machines. Jobs is smart enough to stick with what he knows.

  2. i’ve always wondered why Apple won’t creat a game console for Macs/PCs. Since gaming requires high EVERYTHING why not create a box, not for TVs like xbox and ps2, but for PCs. It could be another peripheral, like the ipod. After starting, most PC/Mac games kind of shut of other computer functions anyway, so in that sense platform becomes almost irrelevant…so my solution would be to create a gamers box for PC users, that way they can have high game functionality like xbox and ps2s.

    Am I crazy?

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