Embrace and Extinguish in action: TechIQ’s ‘The VAR Guy’ dumps Windows, switches to Mac OS X

“The VAR Guy has a confession to make. He recently dumped Windows for an Apple MacBook. It’s a stunning move for those who have followed his career. (OK, nobody follows his career other than his parents, but just humor him for this blog.) In the 1990s, The VAR Guy was a Windows NT fanatic, writing about the operating system for Windows Magazine. At the time he kept on calling for Apple to dump MacOS and instead deploy NT on PowerMacs,” The VAR Guy writes for TechIQ.

“Fast forward to 2006. Frustrated by Windows Vista delays and constant software fixes from Microsoft, The VAR Guy recently moved to a MacBook. He reasoned that the notebook can run MacOS or Windows or most any other major operating system for that matter,” The VAR Guy writes.

The VAR Guy writes, “But once he had the MacBook in hand he made a firm decision: The system would run Mac OS … and ONLY MacOS. “

“When Vista debuts, The VAR Guy may consider putting it on his Mac Book. But in the meantime, he doesn’t miss his daily battle with Windows viruses, bugs and spyware,” The VAR Guy writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “elMACho” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: See how it works? On the day that Apple released Boot Camp, April 05, 2006, we wrote in our MacDailyNews Take, “Welcome to ‘Embrace and extinguish,’ Apple-style. The war ain’t over, folks. It never was. Now, a new chapter begins and today’s shot will be heard around the world! Don’t you just love the smell of napalm in the morning? This doesn’t hurt Microsoft (yet), but it absolutely puts Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. into a world of pain… As Windows-only users buy Macs that will provide them their ‘comfort’ of Windows, they will experience Mac OS X and use it for the excellent Mac-only applications. We all know what happens when people are given the chance to really use Macs for longer than five minutes, they usually want to buy a Mac. These new Apple Mac hardware users will start out using Windows more than Mac OS X and end up using Mac OS X exclusively. Watch and see.”

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  1. The so called “Embrace and Extinguish” thing worked for me. 3 years ago I got a Powerbook at work on the basis that I loved the hardware, but I was a linux user so wanted to run that on it. When I got the machine I did a dual boot Mac/Linux thing, but after about a month I found I was not booting the thing into Linux any more. 3 years later I’ve gone from a Linux guy who built his own PCs, to someone who has 3 Macs at home and 1 at work
    (+ MacBook Pro coming in November at work), and I know a lot of my friends who were linux users have gone the same way. Now its happening to Windows users too. Great.

  2. It’s a long war…but in the end…quality will win. Apple HAD to lower the price (and in many cases they have) to match or beat Dell, just to satisfy the accountants at firms that buy computers. Business at the level of large computer manufacturers is all about strategy. Apple’s market share is growing beyond any question…but the real tipping point will come once they have successfully invaded the home entertainment market and people who buy the video express (aka iTV) will slowly replace their old desktop and laptop systems with new Apple products. There is nothing Dell, HP, or Toshiba or for that matter Microsoft can do about it. They can’t drop prices on gear..their margins are small already, they can’t run OS X, they can’t get past the need for legacy compatibility, they are stuck…and stuck badly.

    Once the home users get a taste of better quality for the same price…and Apple introduces a truly industrial strength replacement for an Exchange Server it’s all over.

  3. The B-Sabre doesn’t know about you, but The B-Sabre has a hard time taking seriously anybody that refers to themselves in the Third Person when they write. The B-Sabre thinks this gets pretentious real fast

    Oh, wait a minute…

  4. When Apple released the iMac Core2Duo, I went to Fashion Valley in San Diego and get one. The store was very full of people and may of them walk away with their mac in their hands. Mac will be the most used computer in the world once again, but instead of been a monopoly of tyranny as Microsoft that never delivered a good working system and it never have the creativity and people to design good products, Apple has been always a great company with great designers and very great products. So come on Apple and make our days.

  5. pr,

    Apple certainly needs to continue to become the home pc of choice, no doubt, but I still maintain that we’ll never see any dramatic increase in real market share for the Mac until it starts getting more attention and subsequent use in the enterprise workplace. Its precisely the reason why Windows is as prolific as it is – its a “real” industrial OS, proven by the fact that almost all companies use it, period.

    I need to be able to go to work for a company and have them either give me a platform choice (yeah right), or a company that’s already using Macs. This will allow Mac users to stop having to be Mac evangelists and become Mac users. When the general public sees that they really do have a choice, not just what the IT person at their company tells them is ok, then things will change relatively fast, I think. When Macs are seen as a real business machine it will have the single most profound impact on the number of actual Mac users over a given short period of time.

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