PC Magazine review: Apple iMac 24-inch (4.5 stars out of 5)

“If you’ve been waiting to upgrade a G4- or G5-powered iMac, or even if you’re looking to replace a G4 or single-processor G5 Power Mac, the new 24-inch Apple iMac ($2,794 direct) should be at the top of your list. Powered by Intel’s zippy Core 2 Duo processor, it’s a system that photo, video, and music enthusiasts—even graphics professionals—could love,” Joel Santo Domingo reports for PC Magazine.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s 24-inch iMac does not start at “$2,794.” It is US$1,999 ($2,249 Canadian).

Santo Domingo continues, “The 24-inch iMac also runs Boot Camp Beta, just like other Intel-based Macs. Windows on the iMac is as snappy as I expected, with initial numbers that are pretty good. The iMac provides a much better gaming platform with Win XP, since Doom 3 for Windows runs natively on the Intel platform. With Boot Camp, the iMac turned in a stellar 127 fps at 1,024-by-768 on Doom 3, though its scores were less than ideal at 1,600-by-1,200. This didn’t surprise me, because a dual-card graphics solution is preferable if you want to play smoothly at higher resolutions, but it’s nice being able to run 1,600-by-1,200 at all on an all-in-one (the iMac’s display supports up to 1,920-by-1,600 resolution). And the system played Splinter Cell at a smooth 48 fps at 1,024-by-768. The iMac completed the Windows Encoder test in five and a half minutes, landing it in the high-end multimedia class—which is fitting, considering its almost $3,000 price tag.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s 24-inch iMac does not have an “almost $3,000 price tag” starting price. It is US$1,999 ($2,249 Canadian).

Santo Domingo continues, “If you need a high-powered all-in-one PC or replacement desktop, look no further than the new 24-inch Apple iMac.”

Full review (4.5 stars out of 5) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pete” for the heads up.]

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  1. The important thing here is that they put forth the machine in a very positive light. Jesus Christ you guys, why can’t you just be happy about that instead of pissing all over yourselves with comments like “PC Fags”, and “PC Magazine markup. They’ve been had.” and “How could he be so confused on the pricing?”. They liked it. They liked it, and they said good things about it. And most importantly, if I didn’t already own two iMacs and was considering my first purchase, this review would probably do it for me. Christ, quit your whinning.

  2. is that this carries on a big myth: that Macs cost extra.

    Not true, so that IS a serious error.

    No reason people have to be whiny babies and call names though. Just be POLITE and make the correction. That might make people believe Mac owners have a brain and some social skills ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. PC Mag says Doom 3 is not native for Mac OS X on Intel. It is–you just have to get the latest patch. Which is true for any game more than a week old.

    They say Doom 3 performance is less than stellar, but by Barefeats testing, Quake 4 (which is more demanding than Doom) it gets over 40 fps at high detail… at 1920×1200!!! PC Mag says 40s is decent for gaming (and I agree), and surely Doom 3 gets thats. Drop the res down a bit and get even faster.


    I can only assume PC Mag didn’t bother patching, and was comparing ROSETTA Doom to Windows Doom.

  4. Clicking on the link to the desktop comparison chart yields an “Editor’s Choice” Apple Mac Pro for only $8577.00

    Of course, the system includes: 1) Apple’s 23 inch monitor, 2) 2000 Gb of hard drive space, 3) 3.0 GHz CPU’s, and 4) 4096 MB of RAM.


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