Sony, Gracenote sound alarm over Microsoft flaw; Macintosh unaffected

“Sony and digital music database provider Gracenote said on Monday customers should update software to prevent hackers from breaking into their personal computers,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, Sony and Gracenote made the comment in response to a software flaw that affects a Microsoft technology called ActiveX. The technology allows programs from other software vendors and multimedia files to be delivered over Web pages. ‘This vulnerability could allow an attacker to load malicious code onto a user’s system and then execute the code,’ Gracenote said on its Web site.”

Reuters reports, “Users of other Gracenote-enabled products using operating systems like Apple Macintosh or Linux, or customers with Gracenote-enabled consumer electronic devices, were not affected by the security problem, Gracenote said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macatheson” for the heads up.]


  1. ActiveX always has been an abortion and always will be. It was an ill thought out scheme intended to shit on Netscape. Just ask anyone who has received a telephone bill running into the £1000s what a laugh ActiveX is! A technology developed for hackers and thieves.

    Everyday that goes past I thank my lucky stars that I “switched” and these activeX, viruses and spyware issues are athing of the past.

    I used to think Apple users were smug twats but I have found that it is absolutely impossible not to be smug when one uses a computer and operating system this good. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Apple is going to have to fuck monumentally to send me back to the shit side.

  2. Calling ‘ give me a fraking brake’..

    You must have some constructive comments to add in your defence…

    ..don’t you??

    Agree Mac7, they did that gloating since day two. But I reckon life has moved on for them since then. They know that its ALL going to going down the toilet if it goes really badly wrong. (30% chance at a guess??). They’ll then be sued to Kingdom Come, and back.

  3. Break, you obviously know better: could you help please corporate America and have them save BILLIONS of dollars spent on protecting Windows from malware each year. They are certainly turds: please enlighten them.

    Ah, forgot about it: after that pass by NASA, ESA and CERN: they too spend lots of money to protect Windows installations at their sites. Laughable, they send people to space, look for life and new planets, smash protons and anti-protons together and still they are idiots enough to waste money on that Guinnes record on security that is Windows. Thanks the planet there are clever users like Brakes to help them: he lost ONE PHOTO in 3 years!

    Alright, alright. Took too long to write the above sarcastic reply when a much simpler and to the point:

    SHUT UP IDIOT! would have been clearer.

  4. There is one more area concern for security against losing data — failure to back up. I lost all of my pictures of a three week vacation in England and am sick over it. Disk drive reliability truly sucks.

    But Apple recognizes the problem, so with Leopard we will get that easy backup for careless users.

    BTW, my drive crashed at the very time I realized that I needed to back up my pictures and started the actions to do so. Talk about bad luck!

  5. LinuxGuy, I feel your pain. I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me… now I never delete the contents of my memory card until the transferred photos are backed up.

    Might be worth doing from now on.

  6. there’s always some virus or somethign on windows but do they ever HURT anuybody?

    all smoke no fire, malware is NOT a problem until it effects ME, and i have killed off EVERY virus my pc has ever gotten, there are ways of doing these things. and guess how much data i lost from these attacks? ONE PHOTO. ONE PHOTO in over 3 years of using windows. if i backed up more i wouldn’t of even lost that.

    but im suposed to be so jealouys of you brainwashed koolade parrots. thank god i can think for myself.

    Somebody please give this braying moron a clue!

  7. It always reads the same: “Blah, blah, blah is fsked up! Macs unaffected”

    The heard mentally is amazing. That people still use the POS from MafiaSoft is truly sad.

    Rock on Steve!
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  8. To Brake:
    Don’t forget that a Mac has iLife, iSight, Front Row, no viruses, no crap on the machine, and so on and so on.
    Macs are just better than PCs. Get that through your thick little skull.
    MDN Magic word: “rather” as in “I’d rather have a Mac”.

  9. hey brake – What about the malware that runs botnets in the background on all those PCs sitting around the world. Some botnets have >100,000 machines from what I understand.

    Heard of the new eBay scam using botnets and fake seller ratings? How about all that “mail daemon bounced undeliverable” spam choking everyone’s email inboxes (including yours I’m sure)?

    It’s all thanks to the “high” level of security on windoze. And with Vista up and coming with its new and unproven IP stack, it just may get worse yet.

    You, an individual, have managed to escape from these problems, if what you say is true; but most windoze users are not so intelligent.

    Mac users, by are large, I think are probably no more intelligent about security than Win users. The difference is the inherent greater security of MacOS than XP/Vista (notice I say “greater” and not “perfect”).

  10. To tossers like JAGWIRE,

    Viruses and malware are a problem and even if you can install countermeasures to mitigate some of the risk it still doesn’t come anywhere close to not having to worry at all, EVER!!!

    Get a Mac, its the dog’s fuckin bollocks….

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