Sony, Gracenote sound alarm over Microsoft flaw; Macintosh unaffected

“Sony and digital music database provider Gracenote said on Monday customers should update software to prevent hackers from breaking into their personal computers,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, Sony and Gracenote made the comment in response to a software flaw that affects a Microsoft technology called ActiveX. The technology allows programs from other software vendors and multimedia files to be delivered over Web pages. ‘This vulnerability could allow an attacker to load malicious code onto a user’s system and then execute the code,’ Gracenote said on its Web site.”

Reuters reports, “Users of other Gracenote-enabled products using operating systems like Apple Macintosh or Linux, or customers with Gracenote-enabled consumer electronic devices, were not affected by the security problem, Gracenote said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macatheson” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ll bet Gates and Ballmer hold their breaths and say a payer each morning hoping that TODAY won’t be ARMEGEDDON with the ultimate collapse of every Windows computer due to a massive security breach.

    What a way to live your life. Couldn’t happen to nicer people..

  2. there’s always some virus or somethign on windows but do they ever HURT anuybody?

    all smoke no fire, malware is NOT a problem until it effects ME, and i have killed off EVERY virus my pc has ever gotten, there are ways of doing these things. and guess how much data i lost from these attacks? ONE PHOTO. ONE PHOTO in over 3 years of using windows. if i backed up more i wouldn’t of even lost that.

    but im suposed to be so jealouys of you brainwashed koolade parrots. thank god i can think for myself.

  3. what’s really really annoying is that if you copy and paste from a word doc (windows version-work computer) into outlook or save as an html, the activeX warning will come up. Even if there is nothing remotely similar to active X in the file.

  4. “I’ll bet Gates and Ballmer hold their breaths and say a payer each morning…”

    I think they laugh every morning to the bank and at the endless stupidity of people they conned into using their CRAPWARE!

  5. brake: good for you! taking all those excellent security precautions. Shame that you needed to do them in the first place. Only lost one photo? What about the time you lost? Sadly once that is gone, it’s gone. No backup to recover from there!

  6. Brake:

    If viruses and malware are not a problem and they don’t hurt anybody, why was it that Microsoft has issued several press releases indicating that Vista is over two years late because of security concerns? And that it was so bad at one point that developement of Vista was stopped for a year in an emergency attempt to use Vista development staff to plug XP’s security holes? Sorry, brake, you obviously are clueless.

  7. @give me a fraking (sic) brake (sic)

    there’s always some virus or somethign (sic) on windows but do they ever HURT anuybody (sic)?

    If you count NOTHING else other than the fact that the AV industry is now worth around $70 billion, that’s certainly hurting a lot of wallets and purses!

    P.S. you end up having little credibility with so many typing/spelling/grammatical errors.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Mw = face
    as in, time for M$ to face the music concerning security, or lack thereof.

  8. >> Good lord! How much Malware do Wondows users need to get via Active X before M$ figures out it was just a bad idea to develop it from the start? <<

    They never will. ActiveX is one of the few remaining components that makes websites Windows/Internet Explorer-specific. They’d rather hurt their customers than lose market share. (What else is new.)

  9. macaholic…I agree. You shouldn’t have to take those prcautions in the first place. Brake is pretty smug but what about the majority of Windows users that are clueless. For those people, the Virus, Malware, etc., does mega damage. In this case, Mr Brake is clueless.

  10. Brake…I know you are just a troll and I really should just ignore you but…must….resist…..temptation….

    Awwww fsck it.

    Brake…. viruses hurt many people. Lost data, lost time. lost money (unless they steal their virus programs) and on occaison, damages hardware (HD). Clearly your limited knowledge and masochistic love for crapware binds you to using PCs and why you grace us with your presence on a Mac site spouting utter nonsense is beyond me.

    P.S. I tried to use small words so you could undersand my comments
    P.S.S. Try to learn how to write properly so you appear to be less of a frigtard…as if that were possible.

  11. “and guess how much data i lost from these attacks? ONE PHOTO. ONE PHOTO in over 3 years of using windows.”

    Shows to go ya — windoze sucks rocks. I’ve never lost anything in 16 years of Macs. Not a dot. Not a tittle. Not an electron.

    If you had switched to Macintosh, you’d still have that photo, dozedroid.

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