Disney CEO Iger: Apple’s ‘iTV’ has ‘small hard drive on it’

“During the same Goldman Sachs conference during which he announced first-week sales of Disney movies through iTunes [125,000], CEO Bob Iger revealed that he has seen Apple’s upcoming iTV device in action and that it has a hard drive, a feature that many assumed would be missing. He said: ‘It can also stream it live through the box to the TV or it has a small hard drive on it so they can download what you put on the device on your computer, on your iTunes, through the television set,'” Brad Cook reports for The iPod Observer.

Full article with more details here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “pog” for the heads up.]
By “has a small hard drive on it,” does Iger mean “in” it or “attached to” it via USB 2.0?

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  1. Does anyone think that it’s like a cach drive so if the weak ass wireless kicks out that the movie will still play. Also a great way to make sure playback contiunues to play back smooth to load the movie as it plays. It would only take about 10 minutes to copy a whole movie over to it. My money is on that.

  2. This is what the iTV is

    It’s just like the new “cable boxes” that have their own hard drives inside. They can download a movie and watch it a few times before the 24 hour timer is up.

    What Steve Jobs is planning on doing..remmember what he said “Cable companies are a monopoly”… is to mimick the cable box but use the internet as the transmission.

    The iTV will of course operate via remote control, a expanded version of “Front Row” and also stream data from the computer. Music, data, games etc.

    So Steve Job’s iTV is going to allow more functionality than a cable box, leveraging the ability of the computer with all it’s extra features like web surfing, email, iChat and so on to a TV.

    Of course there is huge problems, first off the cable companies own the broadband delivery system in the US. DSL really isn’t a good alternative.

    Plus even though iTMS movies start a minute after downloading begins, it’s still not good enough to stream 1080p reliably.

    Download a Quicktime 1080p trailer on Apple’s site and just see what I mean.

    Cable companies can start hobbling anything Apple or Microsoft does by throttling the download speeds.

    Steve is selling a lot of complicated geek gadgets, but nothing a normal everyday joe can hook up and use, like a cable box.

    Just look at the iPod, still no DSL/recharge/hard drive equiped dock to access the iTMS independantly of a computer. This would sell tens of millions of units easy as it’s a entry level device to a computer.

    Apple’s stuff appeals to geeks, but doesn’t have any praticality for the majority of normal folks.

  3. Phone call to Apple Legal:

    Oh Nancy, hi Steve,

    Send Robert Iger a cease and desist order will you?, he just violated the non-disclosure agreeement.

    Oh never mind, I’m the majority shareholder of Disney, I’ll just fire his ass.

    Ahhh power, it’s so wonderful. I feel like Bill Gates.

    Who would have thought, just several years ago I was peddling NeXT computers to schools.

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