Disney CEO Iger: Apple’s ‘iTV’ has ‘small hard drive on it’

“During the same Goldman Sachs conference during which he announced first-week sales of Disney movies through iTunes [125,000], CEO Bob Iger revealed that he has seen Apple’s upcoming iTV device in action and that it has a hard drive, a feature that many assumed would be missing. He said: ‘It can also stream it live through the box to the TV or it has a small hard drive on it so they can download what you put on the device on your computer, on your iTunes, through the television set,'” Brad Cook reports for The iPod Observer.

Full article with more details here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “pog” for the heads up.]
By “has a small hard drive on it,” does Iger mean “in” it or “attached to” it via USB 2.0?

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  1. Flash Forward 2007

    CEO Bob Iger was fired by Disney’s Board of Directors, on a vote of no confidence that was led by Disney’s most famous board member, Steve Jobs. No word yet as to who might replace him, but some are betting on Steve Jobs… or Senator Palpatine.

  2. They want the world to know that they have nothing better to do than to reload MDN every 30 seconds.

    This HD comment is great. Maybe it was a slip, maybe it was a planned leak. Who cares anyway, this thing is going to be like all other tech devices in that it will evolve over time. The thing I like best about it is that it really is just sidestepping the whole media PC concept by essentially making the computer a content server for the TV. Who wants to watch TV on their computers anyway.

  3. “Why do people find it interesting to post when they are first, and then half the time they are either wrong or have to post a second time to mention that they were first? It’s annoying as hell.”

    I agree.

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