What are Apple and Google up to?

“Some of the loudest buzzing at Apple’s Sept. 12 event, where Apple unveiled its new home video strategy, started up before Jobs ever took the stage: A throng of reporters waiting to get into the San Francisco theater Apple had rented for the day saw Marrisa Mayer, Google’s mediagenic vice president of search products, wander into the event,” Rachel Rosmarin reports for Forbes.

“That was it. Mayer didn’t say a word to the press, and she didn’t appear on stage with Jobs. But Mayer’s appearance at an Apple event would be big news under normal circumstances: She is one of Google’s highest-profile executives, and doesn’t need to travel from the company’s Mountain View headquarters to get an update on new iPods,” Rosmarin reports.

Rosmarin reports, “And since Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt had joined Apple’s board of directors two weeks earlier, it was easy enough for bored reporters to speculate about what the two companies might be up to. Google and Apple aren’t complete strangers: Prior to Schmidt’s move, the two already shared Genentech Chief Executive Arthur Levinson as a board member, and Google is already the default search engine on Apple’s Safari browser. But what new deals, products and services could the two tech giants be talking about? Conversations have already begun, according to Newsweek, which reported this week that Google and Apple are discussing some sort of video deal.”

Rosmarin reports, “The iTunes store represents prime online advertising space, says analyst Michael Gartenberg. ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if Google wanted to get into that–and Apple may want to monetize that traffic flow beyond just the sales of songs. I suspect these two companies are in talks on many different levels.'”

Full article with more possibilities that could result from “Google-Apple corporate inbreeding” here.

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  2. will definetly be about podcasts at minimum. there needs to be an easier way to monetize and host (Google has the greatest server farm in the world) these, and they do not interfere with current store items.

  3. Word up, you chowderheads! I be gonna tell you how to learn English real good.

    Ebonics aside, I have a pet peeve with many of you, and today’s lesson is the proper use of the plural version of the word, “it”. Specifically:

    When you want to make a contraction of “it is”, the correct use would be “it’s”. For example: It’s a great idea for Apple and Google to be in discussions.

    However, when you want to use the possessive plural version of “it”, delete the apostrophe, damnit! For example, BareNakedOilWrestlingGirls said incorrectly: “Steve Jobs did everything Google wanted, switched Mac’s and it’s user base to Intel processors…” WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!! (Insert bitch slap here.) The correct use would be to insert “its” in the sentence above. He should have been: “Steve Jobs did everything Google wanted, switching the company’s Macs and its user base…” (Never mind that I think the content of what he wrote was idiotic.)

    Guys, next time you considering massacring the English language, please don’t. Know the difference between “it’s” and “its”. Otherwise, I will return to taunt you again with a clue-by-four.

    There. I feel better now.

  4. Are you kidding me? You wouldn’t accept a free or discounted movie download if it contained a 30 second ad at the beginning? What if they gave you a choice: $12.99 for no ads and $3.99 containing 2 minutes of ads?

    I’m guessing everyone would take the clip containing ads. I mean DVDs have ads or previews in them now. Let’s not be silly.

  5. Marissa has Steve Jobs presentation envy. It’s been reported that Marissa makes all of her product people attend or watch Steve’s keynotes because he’s so amazing at nailing what people truly want out of a product. Don’t think there’s more to her just wanting to see a live presentation from the master…

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