What are Apple and Google up to?

“Some of the loudest buzzing at Apple’s Sept. 12 event, where Apple unveiled its new home video strategy, started up before Jobs ever took the stage: A throng of reporters waiting to get into the San Francisco theater Apple had rented for the day saw Marrisa Mayer, Google’s mediagenic vice president of search products, wander into the event,” Rachel Rosmarin reports for Forbes.

“That was it. Mayer didn’t say a word to the press, and she didn’t appear on stage with Jobs. But Mayer’s appearance at an Apple event would be big news under normal circumstances: She is one of Google’s highest-profile executives, and doesn’t need to travel from the company’s Mountain View headquarters to get an update on new iPods,” Rosmarin reports.

Rosmarin reports, “And since Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt had joined Apple’s board of directors two weeks earlier, it was easy enough for bored reporters to speculate about what the two companies might be up to. Google and Apple aren’t complete strangers: Prior to Schmidt’s move, the two already shared Genentech Chief Executive Arthur Levinson as a board member, and Google is already the default search engine on Apple’s Safari browser. But what new deals, products and services could the two tech giants be talking about? Conversations have already begun, according to Newsweek, which reported this week that Google and Apple are discussing some sort of video deal.”

Rosmarin reports, “The iTunes store represents prime online advertising space, says analyst Michael Gartenberg. ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if Google wanted to get into that–and Apple may want to monetize that traffic flow beyond just the sales of songs. I suspect these two companies are in talks on many different levels.'”

Full article with more possibilities that could result from “Google-Apple corporate inbreeding” here.

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  1. What are Apple and Google up to?

    Apple is going to be sold to Google, isn’t it obvious?

    Just look how bad things are going lately with Apple hardware and software, it’s like Steve’s magic touch is gone.

    1: Steve Jobs sold NeXT and Pixar. Apple is next.

    2: Top Google people on Apple’s board of directors.

    3: Google to keep Apple seperate company, will use Apple to assult Microsoft in the buisness space.

    4: Steve Jobs did everything Google wanted, switched Mac’s and it’s user base to Intel processors, multi-button mice etc.

    5: Steve Jobs is going to retire.

    I for one welcome our new Google, Microsoft busting overlords

    Maybe will get a decent, malware free iOffice suite for a change, instead of using the crap OfficeMac.

  2. Bob, stop ackting like a kid, and actially say something useful to the discussion. Thanks in advance.

    As for the article, I wonder if this Google exec has ever been to any other Keynote events, like MacWorld, or the Hi-Fi one, or whatever. Perhaps she has, but no one noticed. Maybe she just went along to see what Apple might be doing to get into Google’s video space. So what I’m saying is that perhaps it’s no big deal that she went to see it.

    Perhaps there were some Yahoo gals, or Microsoft guys there too. That might be news too. Or not.

    MDN: “ago”, as in Bob should have left his kid days long ago.

  3. I think this is further evidence of stronger Google partnering. Here is a little more fuel for the fire:

    The FTC is concerned that Google may need to start reporting itself as an Mutual Fund company because it has so much cash invested in other companies that it does not count as a traditional investment into a single company. Once good use of that cash would be to buy a stake in Apple.

    But owning a company isn’t the same as running it. Perhaps she was there to watch Jobs first hand because she might have to introduce an Apple/Google product/service with him one day and she wanted to see what the videos don’t show…see how he works the crowd, etc.

    Perhaps she just wanted to go see the show. Hell, if given the choice between front row at a U2 concert or front row at a 2 hours Jobs Keynote where cool stuff was rumored to be released, I would just buy the U2 collection on iTunes and listen to what Jobs had to say.

  4. I wouldn’t get the panties in a bunch over ads in iTunes just yet. it’s not like there would be ads every second of its use, only when listening to free podcasts in iTunes and not on your iPod. i think its obvious that google and itunes are going to collabo on video so people can get all the video content they want (free web and commercial) on their TV. Apple is not being sold. If that was even a possibility it would have been sold when it was in almost financial ruin years ago.

  5. The big picture here people! If I was sitting in my living room and I could watch endless amount of trailers and just buy movies with one click, would I not need a huge service to help me with that if I was Apple?

    Commercials? Are you sick in the cranium. Big Steve would never go for that. We would already have them if they were ever going to happen.

    Who is the chump BareNakedOilWrestlingGirls? It would be nice if we left these forums for intelligent commenting. Oh, if you were kidding? It is funny ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Why all the fuss about first posts (even when they aren’t really first)? MDN has a long tradition of loyal readers yearning and striving to be first posters. To see the new thread – to click the link – and then (joy!) to see that virgin page, unsullied by Sputnik… absent of humorous quips from Ampar… devoid of the mediating balm of Jim – The Independent Voter. O, to be the one to ride proudly into that new land, plant my flag, and proclaim ‘Fist Post!’ to all that have ears to hear.

    Even if only to find out ‘that would suck’ had gotten there first…

  7. This is what will come of it:

    Access to Google video through Front Row & iTV

    .mac to be replaced (or merged) with competing google web services (that’s why .mac stinks at the moment, and why Apple hasn’t updated it in ages), and possibly (hopefully) made free (or free with advertising).

  8. I wouldn’t mind limited advertising on iTunes, in a way it already has it. On the front page you have all the little panels showing different artists so if they added one panel for advertising in a fashion which didn’t stand out too much I wouldn’t mind. Hell they could put them in the new downloads section if they wanted, I wouldn’t even have to look at them. I’m not against advertising just as long as it isn’t obtrusive and the primary focus of the page with the actual content a second thought.

  9. Has anyone checked out Ask.com recently? It has a lot of nifty features that Google search doesn’t. I like it, and I’m sure Google is able to detect a challenge when they see it. Plus Google has a whole slew of ‘betas’ out there, of which only a few have really taken off. A lot of orphans looking for a nice home, eh?

    If I was to bet my retirement, I’d say that Apple is going to help Google put a bit more polish on it’s software and services. In return I think Google will allow Apple to integrate whatever they choose from Google’s offerings more tightly into their own Mac software & OS. I doubt Google Video will be in the mix – seems like too much of a poor man’s video service & I doubt that would appeal to Apple (unless of course their going to give it the once over & spiff it up). Yet Google’s search & email products are obvious, prime candidates for a little ‘Apple Magic’. Google Chat & Google Bucks (or whatever they call their PayPal equivalent) could be too, the latter perhaps featured as another way to pay for iTS content. I’m sure Google is looking for some way of getting their epay scheme a boost, and what could be bigger than tying with iTunes?

    Of course, I don’t know the details any better than anyone else, but I am sure that the broad outline of a software collaboration/integration is solid.

    Or not. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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