USA Today Ad Track poll for Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ campaign shows above-average consumer response

“Apple’s marketing has been so focused on growing its iPod/iTunes business that it had been four years since the company put some national ad gusto behind its Mac computer line,” Theresa Howard and Jefferson Graham report for USA Today.

“Capitalizing on its iPod chic — and with a lineup of Macs transformed last spring with Intel chips to talk about — Apple again has been flexing its marketing muscle behind its computers with an ad campaign that began in May. The campaign now has 12 ads — created by longtime Apple agency TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles — that feature two characters who personify the PC and Mac,” Howard and Graham report.

Howard and Jefferson Graham report, “The campaign uses the same tone to promote the differences between PCs and Macs as the Switcher ads, but the characters put more humor into the ads. ‘We wanted to try and get some perspective out there in a fun way and remind people of some of the things they probably already know, and talk about how the Mac might be a little better,’ Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said in an interview.”

Howard and Jefferson Graham report, “The ads got an above-average response from consumers surveyed by Ad Track, USA Today’s weekly poll: 25% like them ‘a lot’ vs. the Ad Track average of 21%, and 22% rate them ‘very effective’ vs. the average of 21%.”

Full article here.

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  1. Of course a recent poll shows that almost half of the American people still believe that Iraq had something to do with 9-11. They are wrong.
    A recent poll shows that almost the same number think Iraq had WMD’s. They are wrong.

    The same mentality that keeps people shackled to Windows allows people like Karl Rove to do the voodoo that he does sooooo well…

  2. I’ve had 3 friends “go mac”, within the last 2 weeks.
    Two of hem mentioned the ads in a posotive light.

    I didn’t initially like them myself, but I guess they are just bland and non-technical enough (with a dash of humor), to be effective (to the average numb-nut).

  3. But… If these are the worst ads Apple has ever made, and do nothing but insult, alienate, and drive away potential customers – as we have heard repeatedly here in the comments – how can they receive better than average consumer response?

  4. “Lemmings seems to forget that Rush Limbaugh is a Mac evangelist.”

    No they don’t. Trust me they don’t.
    I dont like the guy but if he wants to talk up the Mac, I’m not going to stop him.

    Then again Sinbad was a huge Mac fan and I didn’t think he was a damn bit funny. But I didn’t want him to stop neither.

  5. Puzzled:

    Actually the worst ever Apple ad was the “Lemmings” ad, where all the PC users are marching of the cliff. As I recall, that was 1987 or so. Now there was an ad that insulted the potential converts. (And it was totally unrelated to Mr./Ms. Lemming’s political screed in this thread!)

    The difference is that ad made fun of the people. the new ads make fun of the computers. That, and by now everyone and his cousin has experienced the horrors of Windows, so they can relate.

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