More surprises coming from Apple soon?

Charles Arthur blogs for The Guardian, “Writing on the Apple announcements, Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg concludes that:”

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to think the iPod will lose significant market share for the next 24 months.

Arthur writes, “No argument there; you’d not want to be trying to sell any other digital music player against the new lineup of iPods. But something else Gartenberg said intrigued us:”

Also, it’s still early in terms of holiday announcements, we might yet hear another one or two things from Cupertino before the first frost hits in the East.

“Since Gartenberg had (surely) a prebriefing from Apple on the announcements, the hint – allied to Steve Jobs’s signoff on Tuesday of ‘We’ll see you all again soon’ – does leave possibilities in the air,” Arthur writes.

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  1. If I had to guess I’d say the TouchScreen iPod will be announced..
    AFTER they fix iTunes 7 which is a complete mess (I had to downgrade to 6.5)… possibly in mid to late October. Good to announce (again…assuming iTunes 7 is rendered usable) how many movies have been sold in 30 days if in fact they sell a bunch. Does it seem like I’m hedging? Check out the Engadget, Apple Forums, and MacFixit. They need to get this fixed and fast or movie sales are going to suffer and subesequent iPod sales will too.

  2. They mention about the advertising (or lack of) in terms of the new Nano, whilst I’m sure it will ramp up, I have noticed quite a few spots on UK TV that are still the old style Nano with the buildings of album art. Now I’m sure these were likely booked long in advance but you would have thought they could update them.

  3. No problems with iTunes 7 for me on my iMac G5 or my gf’s PowerBook G4 12″.

    I think the people who are having problems with iTunes 7 are probably a 100x louder than the “fortunate few” … that doesn’t make them really numerous, just more noticable.

    Still, it seems like a good bet Apple has more rabbits up its sleeve.

  4. iTunes 7 has worked flawless over here also. Far from a “complete mess”. We always have to remember that more people complain online than praise. I love the new iTunes, the new video playback feature is by far my fav so far.

  5. No Brian D – you are one of the vast majority.

    Of course we all hear from the few who are having some sort of problem so the vocal *minority* makes it appear as if there are lots of problems. Mine works fine also just like yours so of course we are not posting and ranting all over the net. Almost everyone of my Mac friends have been really enthusiastic about the new iTunes also. All we can do is try to help those few who have somehow managed to hose up their systems in some fashion – and that isn’t easy to do with a Mac.

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