ABC offers one million free TV show downloads via Apple’s iTunes Store

For a limited time, ABC is offering one million free downloads of last season’s finales from the hit shows Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lost. Plus, dig deeper with special highlight episodes of each show, available for free on iTunes.

Download Desperate Housewives on iTunes
Download Grey’s Anatomy on iTunes
Download Lost on iTunes


  1. Yes, can’t wait for Canada to join in the fun.

    I’m always curious…. how is Apple’s bandwidth costs compensated for these free offers? I guess ABC pays something for this.

    Then again, maybe Apple gets a good deal on bandwidth considering all the podcasts (and previously, music videos) they distribute for free.

  2. In Sweden we don’t have this option which ironicly leads to way higher quality for FREE! HDTVrips ac3 encoded available 3-4 hours after broadcast for FREE. The more consumers get used to downloading things for free the harder it will be to make them pay for it! It would be very hard for Apple to get me to pay for a lower quality version of what i currently get for free. If they do let me download the shows and movies in 1080p for about us$ 4-5 /show and us$ 8-9/movie i might consider it but until then it’s totaly OK to download songs/movies/shows illegaly from the net. As long as the media companies continue to make the profits they do, I see nothing wrong with this. These are the companies that ASSF-CK consumers on CDs and DVDs. Here in Sweden a new DVD is about us$ 35, reasonable? HELL NO!

  3. About Apple’s Sept 12th announcement, there seems to be some features/functionallity missing. Here’s my take:

    With downloaded music you can burn CDs. Either MP3 CDs or regular CDs. Not so with Apple’s new Movie download service. What is really need is a way to burn regular DVDs from downloaded movies.

    Downloaded movies do not include any special features or bonus materials. There are lots of movies under $20… under $15… under $10… that include special features or bonus materials. A movie trailer is not included.

    On top of those deficiencies, the movies are of the a very low quality. Not the HD 1080 quality that Apple is so proud of. This doesn’t make any sense. At the very lease customers should be allowed to chose what quality they want to download at.

    So what iTunes 7 needs is:

    1. The ability to choose the quality of the movie download.

    2. The ability to burn DVDs from downloaded movies

    3. Bundled special features, bonus materials and movie trailers.

    4. Chapter marking for movies.

    5. The ability to go from special features, bonus materials and movie trailers to movie.

    iTunes 7 also needs better music management features. If you have a few songs in your library then management is not a problem. But when your library is larger than your iPod management becomes a huge problem. So it would be nice if iTunes 7 had features for better music management. Such as automatically converting library albums to playlists. Automatically creating folders for each artist in the library. Etc… etc… etc!

    And one more thing. The ability to control the DVD/CD drive from Front Row.

    What’s you take?

  4. How hard is it to type the artist name in the search box while in your music library, or the album name? Presto, there is your available songs from that artist/album. If you really need a seperate playlist for each album (not sure why that is necessary, unless you want to burn it) select all, one-click new playlist, drag songs… done. Sure, it isn’t automatic, but do you really want all your songs in seperate playlists based on album? I have too many playlists as it is. I guess it would be easier, but certainly not a deal-breaker IMHO.

    What I’d really like is to be able to nest folders/playlists like in explorer/finder. That would eliminate a lot of the clutter of tons of playlists all showing.

  5. “Too bad iTunes still uses crappy 4:3 640×480 format.”

    Time to get informed… They JUST switched to 640×480, so “still” is nonsense. I THINK, not sure, they now offer originally WS shows and movies in WS format now.

    640×480 is fine for standard TV, and I don’t think it’s entirely Apple’s choice. The studios DO NOT want too high a quality to be offered, for fear that it will take away DVD sales.

    I will say that the quality of the movies they offer are not as good as what you can get from ripping a DVD using Handbrake AND the file size is bigger as well. As for me, I will not be buying movies in iTS. I’ll just find a good deal on used DVDs for the same price or LESS, and rip them using Handbrake. iTS movies just aren’t cheep engouh.

  6. It is not difficult if you are doing it once or twice or even ten times. But doing it a thousand times, or ten thousand times is a little draining. Leads to repetitive stress injuries. It a question of automation. Ease of use.

    And that doesn’t negate the need for nested folders. Just highlights the need for better library management features.

  7. to Cyberdog:

    – The quality, DVD burning and bonus features are not just Apple’s decision.
    – Chapter marks in movies are done already.
    – for iTunes Music Management, try: View->Show Browser

    If you want a playlist based on an Album, take the Albums name and drop it on the left hand playlist pane. Done.

  8. exnihilo,

    Here is what I see as the formatting problem: They keep selling us the same content over and over in different formats! When is it going to end?

    From 78s to 45s to LPs to 8 Track to Cassettes to CDs to Super Audio CD to DVD Audio! When is it going to end? And with each shift in format, little or nothing is added, but we are expected to fork over hard eared cash! Over and over and over again and again… When is it going to end?

    Video is no different: Beta to VHS to Laser Disc to DVD to HD DVD to Blu-ray! It’s the same deal! When is it going to end?

    But the Content Mafia is not entirely to blame. We let these bastards do this to us over and over and over again and again! To paraphrase our fearless leader, George W. Bush: Fool me once shame on you… Fool me twice shame on me… Fool me ten time… you can’t fool me again!

  9. ak1808,

    I’m aware of the iTunes browse features. (Which use to be accessible directly from the iTunes Browser.) But those features are far too anemic and we need more robust library management features. Stop thinking in terms of tens of albums or even hundreds of albums. Think instead of tens of thousands of album. It quickly sucks the fun out of the whole experience.

    As for the fact that Apple’s hands being tied by the Content Mafia, I know (or suspect) that. But that’s not the point. The point is: It’s Apple’s name on the store. And when they finally get it right what do you think happens? Free upgrade for early adopters? I don’t think so…

    Movie Download 1.0 is a good proof of concept. I think I’ll sit this dance out and wait for Movie Download 2.0 (or 3.0)!!

  10. You CAN nest folders in iTunes. I find the combination of nested folders and Smart Playlists works for me just fine.

    As for the movie downloads which don’t interest me right now as they aren’t available in the UK. I think the price is way to high for what is on offer and free downloads of trashy US shows wouldn’t tempt me give them a tray.

    Rental is suited more to movies/tv shows than music is and at the right price would interest me. The current quality and size would be acceptable with rental at the right price. Full size HD downloads aren’t really practical at the moment beacause relatively few people have the fast broadband and bandwidth required. Eventually I could see the current size and quality being offered alongside HD versions at different price-points. The current versions just need to be cheaper and available for rental too.

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