The most exciting feature of Apple’s ‘iTV’ may be its USB port

“It has been three days since the September 12 Apple announcement and I am quite surprised that despite the interest generated by the iTV announcement, few are talking about it’s most mysterious feature, the USB port which can be found on the back of the device,” Huibert Aalbers blogs.

“Some have speculated that it could be used to connect a keyboard to the iTV. That could be the case, if Apple decided to convert the product into a game console or an Internet device. It is possible, but I do not believe that Apple is going in that direction, for now. There are other kinds of USB devices that make much more sense, my personal bet is TV tuners,” Aalbers writes.

“If I am right and the USB connector will be used to add third party TV tuners, suddenly it all makes sense and we all get what we had been waiting for. I would be really surprised if Apple hadn’t planned that all along. Why not announce it now, then? Well, I guess that Steve Jobs is already preparing it’s One more thing… speech for MacWorld,” Aalbers writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JJ” for the heads up.]

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  1. Nice. I’m hoping iTV sees some major improvements before its official launch. Please Apple, throw in a DVD drive in the front so I can finally toss my old clunker. The tradional DVD player is obsolete.

  2. while painting today it occured to me, what if apple do a sky (bskyb) which is essentially a subscription but with apple you get to choose what to watch but get to keep what you want, a sky+ if you will but uses your computer and broadband….

    wonder how that would go down

  3. megamac:

    The demonstration clearly did not show the DVD option for the remote computer. Besides, why stream a DVD? Playing a DVD by going to your den to load the DVD, just for the luxury of streaming it to iTV, does not make sense.

  4. From the brochure it definitely does not sound like a consumer driven product. Rather than a service or offering from your cable company. Again, I only looked at the brochure (at work and very busy) but it seems like it is nothing comparable to what Apple is offering. And no, I don’t think M$ is sleeping, they are just waiting to see who does what so they can copy.

  5. AND why wouldnt it be to connect a printer? the current airport offers a usb port for connecting a printer… i think its really that simple…
    although a printer next to ur tv does sound a bit weird.

  6. “Microsft…SBC/AT&T (soon to include BellSouth), Verizon & Comcast”

    All leaders on the list of “Most Hated Companies in America”. Apple’s iTV strategy is about bypassing all of them.

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