Crave at CNET: ‘Microsoft Zune, all the excitement that brown can bring’

“The Zuni tribe of Native Americans live in western New Mexico. Ancient and peaceable, they are most notable for their language — which is unlike any other. They also do a nice line in fetishes, small objects that contain a spirit with a characteristic personality capable of influencing their owners’ futures,” Crave at CNET writes.

“The Zune tribe of native Americans, on the other hand, live up in Washington State on the Redmond reservation. Stuck in the past and rather aggressive, they are most notable for their ritual monkey dance and a language that may be related to English. They also have a fetish, a small brown object with its own characteristic spirit personality. Whether it’ll influence the future, though, is another matter,” Crave at CNET writes.

“There’s the spirit of sharing, which Zune encourages by letting Zunies swap music over a built-in wireless network. But all things must pass — in this case, within 72 hours. You’ll have three days in which to listen to each song three times, at which point it is summoned back to the great server in the sky. Doesn’t matter if you’re passing your parents a recording you made of your kid being cute — Zune will banish it. Unless Microsoft is willing to let other companies join in the fun, your chances of sharing anything will be limited by the number of other Zune owners within a 50m radius. Perhaps that’s the new digital rights management strategy — Zero Users, No Exchange,” Crave at CNET writes.

Crave at CNET writes, “There’s the spirit of all-encompassing capacity, which in Zune’s case is limited to 30GB. That may be just the first of many, but coming the day after Apple showed off product at 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 30GB and 80GB, it looks like a one-horse town next to the city of plenty.’

Full article here.
Ouch. grin

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  1. Having thought about it over night, it hit where I’ve seen that shade of brown before. It’s the color of the waste from a plastics molding machine. It is the result of cleaning out the previous color by flushing it with the new color of whatever you are making. Eventually the new color comes out correct, but in the process you make a lot of ugly stuff like Zune brown.

    I guess Microsoft figured Apple wouldn’t copy that.

  2. I have heard the device says “Hello from Seattle” written on the back- take that “Designed in California”! Seattle is a very provincial place. Being so isolated from the rest of the country has an effect on it’s inhabitants and it’s businesses. This device is all about the coffee-shop crowd. Bring you Zune to Zoka and Zune somebody your Zunes. Too bad the rest of the country is not like Seattle. Trailer to trailer Zuning ain’t gonna work.

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