Cramer: Apple’s ‘iTV’ all about ease-of-use; Apple shares are going higher

“I often feel that when it comes to Apple, there are those who use the iPod and therefore know that it is the king and won’t be toppled, and there are those who don’t use it and are always willing to think that competitors may get an edge on the iPod,” Jim Cramer writes for RealMoney.

Cramer writes, “I see a lot of things and hear a lot about the hardware and software that is going to win the living room. I thought they are almost all nonsense until I read about the iTunes-PC-to-TV device (nicknamed iTV).”

“I find all the other movie alternatives clunky. I like the one device, one clicker thing. I like the fact that everything is so easy to use and I don’t need some guy coming to my house to program a complicated remote. I expect it will be as easy as plugging my iPod into my Bose unit after I download music,” Cramer writes. “It’s the ease. It’s how much fun it all is. It’s how you can’t live without it. Which is why, in reality, Apple’s going higher.”

“I remain adamant that Apple may be one of those companies that has become, overnight, the new de facto standard. It is the must-own name for tech funds and generalist funds alike,” Cramer writes.

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Steve Jobs gives sneak peek of Apple’s “iTV” wireless set-top box:

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  1. Cramer is a smart man! He hit the nail square on the head!

    There are those that realize Apple is the best choice out there. And then there are the NaySayers….too stubborn and/or set in their ways to try something new…alwayst hoping for a Microsoft option.

    It took me a while; but, I realized that it is much more productive to have the computer work for me than the other way around!

    Eventually, more will catch on….this is a nice wave to ride.

  2. Ok, yeah, so during this part of the keynote, i noticed somthing that not too many people did…I thought it was kinda funny…

    Anyone pay attention to the scenes of the movies that were played during the iTV demo…??? The symbolism was remarkable…

    Incredibles – Steve likes walking on water…making a Steve is Jesus refference is kind of a stretch, but there…

    Pirates – A scene where a couple of guys take over while all of the mindless folowers just carry about their orders and jump onto their boat.

    Movie Preview – Steve chooses a movie preview about a man who single handedly tries to get the public to rebell…

    Is it just me, or are there some hidden messages during the iTV portion of the event…..

  3. {Worth redoing for proper emphasis}

    “Cramer: Apple’s ‘iTV’ all about ease-of-use; Apple shares are going higher”

    No shit sherlock!

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  4. Cramer is so totally on regarding so many points. And we should be thankful the Apple haters (which include almost all of Apple’s competitors) have so little insight or understanding of Apple’s long-term strategy.

    Having competitors who are so incompetent will only make it easier for Apple to execute its strategy because instead of having to react to someone else’s moves, Apple can effectively ignore them and just focus on execution.

    Microsoft is a reactionary company. It only moves when it feels threatened. The famed “Internet” panic memo from Bill Gates in the 1990s prove how reactionary Microsoft is. And these days, everyone from Apple to Google to Linux fanboys have Microsoft spinning in a circle, trying to react to threats from all directions.

    Apple, on the other hand, is a purpose-driven company. They have a vision of where to go and how to get there. Apple wants to chart new territory all the time, in clear open frontiers where no competitors are around (or at least, so primitive they can be ignored, like driving a modern day Lexus into the lot of a Ford Model T factory in 1910).

    Apple is almost a $20 billion-a-year company. How many more years before it will pass another milestone, beating Dell in annual revenue and dwarfing it in profit? I, for one, cannot wait.

  5. Loru –

    While the Jesus parallel might be pushing it, I like your analysis. After all, what did the original Mac team do when they were competing for resources with the Lisa team? They flew a pirate flag over their headquarters. “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy,” was how Steve phrased it at the time.

    I’m going keep mum about the “mindless followers” part, though.

  6. Am I missing something?

    The XBOX is actually a reasonably quality device.

    If Microsoft can get movies downloaded into the XBOX seemlessly, (Like they do game updates for example) aren’t they just one good TV-based store interface away from being a pretty compelling alternative?

    I hate MS except for XBOX by the way. And I am anti-Windows Media all the way; QuickTime is clearly superior.

    I think much was made over ZUNE but people aren’t looking at what the XBOX might offer as a vehicle to both load the ZUNE and allow for movies to be stored and played.


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